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  • sudhanwa chavan

    Industrial Designer

    pune, India

PERSONAL PROFILE Post Graduate degree in Product Design has helped me gain an analytical and consumer centric approach to a problem. I wish to continue the learning experience and to work with an organization which will enhance my creativity and design skills. I am looking for opportunities that involve variety of work and exposure in the design industry.

Work Samples

  • Concept Cobra

  • paNBin

  • Oil Container for Arjun Oils Ltd.

Work History

<p>Sudhanwa Chavan</p> <p>+91 8805676556</p> <p>csudhanwa@gmail.com</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Portfolio : http://issuu.com/sudhanwa/docs/myportfolio_-_sudhanwa</p> <p>EDUCATION</p> <p>2010 : Post Graduation completed in Product Design at MIT Institute of Design, Pune.</p> <p>2006 : Graduation completed in Bachelor of Architecture at D.Y.Patil College of Engineering and Technology.</p> <p>WORK EXPERIENCE</p> <p>2011 : Senior Designer at DesignPARK, Parksons Packaging Ltd. Pune</p> <p>2010 : Designer at DesignPARK, Parksons Packaging Ltd. Pune.</p> <p>2009 : Completed Diploma Project ( Conceptualization for Washing machine &amp; Refrigerator) at GCD, WHIRLPOOL, Gurgaon, Haryana.</p> <p>2009 : Completed Internship at TYCKA Design, Bangalore.</p> <p>2006 : Worked as a freelancer with some Interior and Housing Projects at Satara.</p> <p>2006 : Worked as Junior Architect under Ar.Upendra Pandit , Satara.</p> <p>2005 : Worked as Trainee Architect under Ar. Dhananjay Salkar, Pune.</p> <p>TECHNICAL SKILLS</p> <p>3D MODELING : Rhinoceros , ArtiosCAD(Paper industry), Solid Works(Beginner), Auto CAD Rendering Tools : Photoshop, Corel Draw, Tablet, Flamingo, Keyshot, Hyper shot</p> <p>INTEREST AREAS</p> <p>Industrial Design, Packaging Design, Usability Research, Point of Purchase, Architecture, Interior Design</p> <p>STRENGTHS</p> <p>Team Player, Research work , Analytical and problem solving capabilities, Drawing skills (Rendering).</p> <p>PERSONAL DETAILS</p> <p>Date of Birth: 23rd March 1984</p> <p>Languages known: English, Hindi, Marathi</p> <p>FREELANCE PROJECTS</p> <p>Client : Virgin Mobiles, Delhi.</p> <p>Project : USB dongle design The project involved New Product Development for USB Dongle at Platform Level. The Design involved form generation, product graphics. Virtual and Physical textures, colors were also explored during the project.</p> <p>ACADEMIC PROJECTS</p> <p>Client : Larsen &amp;Toubro (proposed) Project :</p> <p>Technically Complex Product -Display for Fuel Dispensing UnitThe consumer segment, starting from four wheelers to HMV drivers &amp; Owners face a typical problem of &lsquo;Obstructed Vision&rsquo; with Displays. Henceforth considering the ergonomic issues, concepts were generated for the Display of Dispensing Unit.</p> <p>Client : GE Healthcare (Proposed) Project :</p> <p>Display &amp; Control -ECG Machine The project focus was on Visual Communication of a product and Interface Design. A Medical Equipment; an ECG machine; was selected as it is extensively used in medical practices.</p> <p>Client : NAB(National Association of the Blind ) Project :</p> <p>Product Packaging -Blind Cane Blind cane for visually impaired people was selected for the course of Packaging. Redefined problem statement at which I derived was-Redesign a packaging for four section folding cane which will increase the product life and will make the product more user friendly.</p> <p>Client : Arunim( NGO ) Project :</p> <p>Green Design -Toothbrushes General practice is to use the toothbrush for the span of 3to 4 months. After that these brushes are used in Kitchens as well as in garage for cleaning automobile parts. There is no value addition and traditional reuses of toothbrush don&rsquo;t act as an income source. In green design, I have tried to add value to the reuse of toothbrushes; which can work as a income source.</p> <p>Client : PNAVPS Blind School, Koregaon.</p> <p>Project : Design for Special Needs -Game Design for Visually Impaired People To develop fundamental communication and cognitive skills, children who are blind require environment that allow them to take in new information, respond to it and act on it appropriately. The children from school which I have taken for case study, were finding it difficult to deal with academic skills.</p>


MIT's Institute of Design, Pune



Lighting Design Category I Design Award Winner; November 2012 from - Mr. Onur Mustak Cobanli, Advanced Design Department, Politecnico di Milano, Italy Home and Office Equipment Design Category I Design Award Runner Up; November 2012 Ask Turner Duckworth Contest Dieline Conference, Chicago; June 2011 PUBLICATIONS: i Roll : July 4, 2011 -...
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