If any of the thousands of times spent surfing and the sun hitting the water in a certain way and you can see at once a thousand mirrors each reflecting a different shade of light and dark of colors brought from so far it is hard to grasp all combined with sounds that can break your heart a song sent from a storm in an ocean you have never been to and never will and so soon in such a short journey laying in a frozen tundra thinking I can actually see the cold as it cuts and holds and whispers but for the things I bring that were made full of hard edges and seams of purpose and strength for men a reminder of jutting rooftops mirrored glass and the streets below a perfect canvas for the one who speaks on its walls at the place I call home and somehow these places are so foreign to each other this wild and this industry but I always see them together a compliment an old friend. A life spent in nature. A love of art and architecture. A master of design. Daniel Coleman was born of these mothers and fathers and lives for them. His art is a tribute, his song to them. Specialties: Bag Design, Shoe Design, Watch Design, Technical Illustration, Graphics & everything else in the accessories area A little story a friend wrote about my history. Daniel Coleman was born into the world of backpacks, bags, and accessories. He is the son of Peter and Dale Coleman, who owned P&D Coleman Bags, which was started in early 1978. Dale made Peter a surfboard bag as a present. One day, at Sharks Cove in South Santa Barbara, Peter broke the fin out of his surfboard. The waves were so good Peter decided to make a quick stop at Surf N Wear surf shop to get a new fin. Owner Bruce Fowler saw the bag Dale made, and had to have one. Peter and Dale decided to order enough materials to make 200 bags. A few weeks later Peter got into there old yellow Dodge van and headed south to sell bags. As an apprentice for his mother Dale Welsh, Daniel developed a passion for product development and extensive knowledge of the complicated logistics of international accessories production. His design influence began as a youngster when Daniel participated in surfing, skate boarding and snow boarding. Daniel soon became the head accessories designer for several of the most prominent companies in the action sports market. Gaining his love of design and art. Working for these companies furthered his technical design skills and sparked his confidence in his design/art abilities. After designing products & Graphics that were warmly received by his peers and the action sports market, Daniel decided to spread his wings and become a freelance designer. Once Daniel hit the market, he became one of the most sought after accessories designer in the apparel business. Working with major fashion labels that are responsible for many current trends outside of the action sports market Daniel's eyes were opened to a new world of quality accessories, art, design, and inspiration. In the past few years Daniel has broadened his love of art and painting creating works that are inspired by his travels, friends, and the love of color....

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