I'm an illustrator/graphic freelance, I live in Sanremo (Italy) and feel free to contact me if you have any professional question (It's a pleasure for me, I'm unemployed :) el.moro.81@gmail.com

Work Samples

  • Calendario Croce D'Oro Cervo 2013

  • Astrologynaut

  • Wired - Italy

Work History

I'VE WORKED WITH: Trasherz.org Drumbeat Beat Machine Records Wired Italia The Portland Mercury Rev Accademia Belle Arti di Bologna Croce d'oro cervo CGIL Sanremo Officine ottiche italiane Area510 Clothing Pump This Bologna PUBLISHED: - Zupi Art Issue n°25 (Brazil) fama.zupi.com.br/fama - Kult n°4 (Singapore) www.kult.com.sg - Playcrew Magazine n°4 (Switzerland) www.playcrew.ch - Interstizi Magazine n° “Sporco” (Italy) www.interstizimagazine.com - BangArt n°5 – sezione T.N.T. (Italy) www.coniglioeditore.it/riviste/bang-art-n5 - Karmapillz (Italy) www.myspace.com/karmapillz - Urban Style Mag n°13 (Greece) www.urbanstylemag.gr - The Skinny n°82 (Scotland) www.theskinny.co.uk - Frigidaire n°245 (Italy) www.frigomag.it - Il Nuovo Male n°11 (Italy) www.frigolandia.eu - The Portland Mercury n°14 (U.s.a.) www.portlandmercury.com - Wired 05.2013 (Italy) www.wired.it EXHIBITIONS: - San Remo Tattoo Convention - personal exhibition - San Remo Palafiori - RoBot Festival 06 - personal exhibition - Elastico, Bologna - Exit Strategy - collective exhibition - Arteria. Bologna - Megie Staff Present - collective exhibition - Fantomars Arte Accessibile - Megie Staff Present - collective exhibition - Time Art Aperitive” Cortile Cafè. Bologna - Four Years Pump This - collective exhibition - Galleria Forni. Bologna - Andrea Moresco aka El Moro - personal exhibition - Arteria. Bologna - Cheap - street poster art collective exhibition - Bologna


Academy of Art University