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  • Erik Elison

    Graphic Designer, illustrator fan of all things art

    Newport, OR

After working in the production department as a graphic designer for The Idaho Mountain Express Newspaper for 11 years, I am now living and working on the Oregon coast for the News Times as of August of 2016. l do some work for the newspaper but I also work a handful of outside marketing projects, for discovernewport.com, Salesian Golf Course and Spa, and the Elizabeth Inn.

Work Samples

Work History

  • Graphic Designer

    I am part of the production department that is responsible for building/designing ads for both print and the web. I handle all the design for a real estate publication called Realty Connection which is published once a month, I occasionally do layout for stories in the Arts & Events section of the paper, I sometimes flow the classifieds ads using APT, and lastly I handle most of the work for a lot of outside projects that are produced and published by the News Times such as: Passport magazine, Discover Lincoln City, a visitors guide, and the Newport Chamber of Commerce (living and doing business guide) as well design a couple of brochures the "Where to on the Oregon Coast guide" and the Local Business Directory. I have also done a menu for a local restaurant and worked on on print marketing for discover newport.com.

  • Production Designer

    As a production designer I was responsible for creating/designing ads for both print and web, sometimes creating ad campaigns as well. Photoshop editing, editorial design for the newspaper and magazines. Maintaining all files associated with clients and organizing that information. Uploading photos and editorial content to the website.


  • The Art institute of Phoenix

    • Bachelor of Arts Graphic Design
    • 2000 - 2002



Idaho Press Club, AIGA


1st Erik Elison, Kristen Kaiser – Idaho Mountain Express – “Jazz Fest cover” -Idaho Press Club, Graphics & Page Design 2nd Erik Elison – Idaho Mountain Express – “Image Wars” - Idaho Press Club, Page Design 3rd Erik Elison - Idaho Press Club - "Minidoka Memories" Idaho Press Club Club, Page Design