Hi! am Flavia, a young, happy creative and designer, who grew up in Italy and recently moved to San Diego, U.S., for love, and a new life. I am a proud Product Designer, 3D Modeller, Graphic Designer, Crafter, Painter, Sketcher...give me a white sheet of paper and I will be happy, not to mention an entire book! I believe computers are sucking the life out of me, but I am pretty good with them, a little too much sometimes. Right now I am looking for someone to challenge my boundaries, to whom I can show all I can really do. I love life, nature, good chats, interesting people, colors, white canvases, creative challenges, laughs and smiles, giving presents (receiving also, why not), little everyday things, fireworks, camping, animals (squirrels in particular), candies, ice cream, sushi, sing by myself, snowboarding, beauty, balance, good stories, kids, Walt Disney, cartoons, Christmas and my desk. And I am a bit wierd. In a good way.


I've be an intern for 4 months and then I worked for the kitchenware company "Carlo Giannini S.p.a.", where I designed few pieces that will be shown at the showroom "Macef" in Milan, probably on Genuary 2014.

Experience & Education