+Years of solid senior creative management experience originating and developing inventive B2B - B2C integrated marketing programs for Fortune 100-1000 companies across diverse industries and product categories. +Energize - Influence creative and cross-functional development teams to deliver unexpected, compelling, and highly profitable solutions, on time, on budget, and on target. +Define - Sculpt creative strategies achieving aggressive brand leadership and targeted goals. +Manage strategic and creative integrated programs, operations, finance, diverse technical teams, total development and implementation of brand - marketing - digital initiatives. +10 years designing and developing highly successful consumer products and brands. +8 years accumulated experience spearheading innovative and enterprise level digital - interactive development and inspirational leadership of multidisciplinary technical teams. +Originated an innovative streamlined digital - product sampling processes and optimized shared information by connecting telesales call center and custom orders to R&D, shipping, marketing and sales. That result, allowed the customer’s online custom order to move from concept though R&D, estimating, and shipping to actual delivery of their new product sample right to their desk-top, in less than 24 hours. +Provided for more individualized niche targeted and personal / human contact relationships increasing customer satisfaction, brand awareness and loyalty, maximizing attraction - sales. +Increased agency and client profits - cost savings by 10% - 25% via streamlined operation methods and adroit vendor negotiations. +Immediate exploitable revenue - generating assets: 1) Personal digital and research innovations. 2) New aggressive - competitive business expansion tactics. 3) Well-known $MM brand - marketing - digital campaign successes. 4) Years of major C-Suite level client relations experience. 5) Extensive accumulated F100-1000 corporate equity. +Function as key C-suite liaison managing client relationships and cross-functional teams to define integrated marketing strategies achieving brand leadership and targeted goals. +Proven track-record of inspiring multimedia development teams to deliver unexpected, compelling, and highly profitable solutions, on time, on budget, and on strategy.

Work Samples

Work History

  • Marketing and Digital Professional

    • Jan 2010 - Jan 2014 (4 years)

    +Business-focused creative - technical leadership developing key brand - marketing - digital campaigns for F100 companies across diverse touch-points, industries and product categories.
    +Proven success in building and igniting $B brands -- creating engaging digital, electronic, and traditional marketing communications via infusion of dynamic strategy and palpable physicality.
    +Originate inventive and interconnected marketing - digital - social strategies and initiatives.
    +Track-record of inspiring creative, artistic, and multidisciplinary development teams to deliver unexpected, compelling, and highly profitable solutions, on time, on budget, and on target.

    Oversight and/or Skills:
    B2B, B2C, B2B2C, U/X, 2D, 3D, I/D, POS, PPC, SEM, Brand - Marketing - Advertising - Digital Strategy and Development, Client Contact and Account Management, Cross-functional Management, Workflow Management, Project Management, Digital Strategy, Digital Innovation and Design, Interactive Innovation, Product Portfolio Strategy, Hand’s-on Ideation - Web - Content - Architecture - Interaction Design, Hand’s-on Copywriting - Content - TV / Video Scripting - Graphic Design - Art Direction - Layout - Storyboarding, Web - Digital - eCommerce - Social - App - Engagement Maximization Strategy and Development, Visual Storytelling, Multimedia Strategy, Technology Integration, Process Development, Goal Setting, Hiring - Mentoring -Training, Team Building and Leadership, Integrated Marketing Communications, Multimedia, Product Design, Trend Boards, Research, Business Presentations, Proposals, Brainstorming, Estimating, Budgeting, Scheduling, Producing, Negotiating, Tracking, Logos, Packaging, Promotions, Premiums, Direct Mail, Catalogs, Trade Shows, Sales Collateral, Film - Video, Radio, Music, Audio, Visual Effects, Motion, Animation, Illustration, Typography, Photography, Retail, Merchandising, Print and Broadcast Advertising.


  • Chicago Academy of Art and Design

    • BA Integrated Marketing
  • UX strategies

    • integration of digital, eCommerce, and traditional programs.
  • UX Strategy and Development

    • eCommerce
  • The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    • Associates Degree Fashion Product Design

    Soft and hard goods product design. Trend research. Consumer insights. Ergonomics. Product ideation. Product design. Accessory design. Structural design. Sketching. Rendering. Materials and assembly. Construction. Construction techniques. Textiles and materials. Pattern drafting.

  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago / Electronics and Packaging / Summer Courses

    • Functions and Responsibilities / Partial list
    • 2007



Numerous Awards and International Press in People Magazine, MTV, WWD, Hollywood Reporter, Entrepreneur Magazine, Industrial Design, Communications Arts, American Photographer, Brand Packaging, Art Direction, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Daily News, Washington Post, and others.