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    rome, Italy

GIACOMO SANNA born in Rome in 1977,degree in Architecture at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” on 2005. architectural planning, interiors and industrial design, advanced 3d modelling , 1st prize Mini Design Award 2008, actually works for Zaha-Hadid office in Rome

Work Samples


  • WWG - MiniDesignAward

  • TILEinSIDE_001 Ceramiche COEM

Work History

GIACOMO SANNA / He was born in Rome in 1977. He graduated in Master of the Art, major design and architecture at the State Institute of Art, Rome 2 on the 1995. He obteined the degree in Architecture at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” on 2005. Focused on architectural planning and industrial design he works in the world of design and architecture with a continuous formal and conceptual research inspired to sustainability and supported by the most advanced digital technologies. He attended to a lot of national and international competitions and maked several prototypes and exhibition. After a lot of working experience in many offi ces of Architecture, he actually works for Zaha-Hadid in Rome. Recently won the 1st prize Mini Design Award 2008.


università degli studi roma - la sapienza - architettura vallegiulia



2005_Honorable mention for sustainibility Oklahoma City Bus Stop Design Competition 2006_Honorable mention - Concorso internazionale Meno e Più 2007_Progetto Premiato - Concorso "Piccole Stazioni" 2008_Primo premio - Mini...
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