I'm a graphic designer / artist based in Hollywood, CA. I love designing, learning new techniques and growing as an artist. I love SPAM. I'm a motion graphic designer in the film industry and a working artist at night. I'm the person you see taking close up pictures of trees and cracks in the sidewalk while you go on your afternoon walks. I <3 textures. I also <3 little symbols. I'm always on the look out to be creatively inspired and meeting other creative types. I love being immersed in pop culture and social media. I enjoy movies, music, art, video games...pretty much anything visually orgasmic. I enjoy lots of things.


2009 Key Art Award Winner - Juno Home Entertainment Campaign 2009 Golden Trailer Award Winner: Best Motion Graphics - Repo: The Genetic Opera 2010 Golden Trailer Award Nominee: Best Motion Graphics - Repo Men 2010 Key Art Award Winner: Best Motion Graphics - Inglourious Basterds 2012 Key Art Award Winner (Silver): Mixed Campaign - The Muppets 2012 International Athletic Achievement Honorable Mention - High Five Champion


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