I usually tell people I am a Designer, but that really doesn't say what I actually do. What I really do is convince people of the truthfulness of a particular product design, then I work very hard to make that product and the people surrounding it grow and become successful. Love the People - Love the Product - Love the Process

Work Samples

  • JanSport Spring 1998 Back Pack Catalog

  • Backpacks and Messenger Bags at Meijer's Online Store

  • Kensington Saddlebag 1995 - Present

Work History

I have worked in every facet of product design, project management, international sourcing, and product development. I have had the good fortune to learn through hands on experience. I love to learn how a new machine works and how to operate it. With very few exceptions I can personally perform almost any operation needed to create one of my designs. I am an expert in sewing, woodworking, and metal working. I have even made my own molds. While I am hands on, I hate to be a one man show, and even if I can do it better myself I would much prefer to teach someone else. This is where I shine, when necessary I can step in and show someone how to do a particularly difficult operation, and convince them that it is not that difficult. Always being sensitive to an individuals need to save face. When I leave the individual I try to empower them with confidence and a feeling that I could not have solved the problem without them. We find the solution together. After all it is not about what I think and feel the perfect product is. It is always about the finished result that can be delivered consistently with the highest quality, and cost effectively. I have worked with and designed for many top brands including Jansport, The North Face, LL Bean, Recreational Equipment, Inc., Eddie Bauer, Lands' End and many others. I have worked with factories large and small. I have traveled to Asia hundreds of times often spending as much as half my year in the factories, developing new samples, launching new products, helping to initiate new technologies, and setting up factories. Please refer to my LinkedIn page for a more complete resume. http://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffdlevis



2005 Builder of Hope Award, LDS Philanthropies. We had thousands of simple backpacks and messenger bags which had been rejected by the retailer for a cosmetic blemish in the fabric. We worked with a local Boy Scout Troop to remove all the labels as stipulated by the brand and then...
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