I graduated from the Industrial Design program at the California College of the Arts. I am skilled in design as well as many crafts including sewing and metal work. I also enjoy research, strategy and branding.

Work Samples

  • Death and Sustainable Interment: Research for my 2008 project, Release

  • Release

  • Fabric Designs and Themes

Work History

Education: California College of the Arts Major: Industrial Design Graduated: May 2008 Experience: Aechelon Technology 2009-Present 3d modeling production lead at a firm specializing in flight simulation software. Responsibilities include setting up, guiding and collecting projects for up to 15 produc- tion artists at a time, checking, fixing and enhancing said work, training new hires in various programs and produc- tion techniques, ‘planting’ 3d models in massive, realistic virtual environments and creating vector polygons over imagery of forests, roads and powerlines to be masked with 3d models, and painting lighting effects directly on imagery. Laura Guido-Clark Design 2010-2011 Design Researcher. Responsibilities included in-depth research of current retail and product trends, organizing said findings in a visual, logical format, contacting and working with material vendors and model makers, gathering samples and finding inspiration images. SevenPonds.com 2007-2008 Researcher of sustainable death practices. Interview ing funeral directors as well as others in the industry to examine current funerary practices. Finding inspiration images and articles for start-up Roost 2008 Product Designer for wholesale home accessories firm. Responsibilities included conceptualizing, sketching and drafting technical drawings of household items such as candle holders, salad tongs and drink muddlers to be sold in stores such as CB2, Crate and Barrel and Anthropologie. Worked with factories in Indonesia, India and China to refine prototypes for products. Suzette Sherman Interior Design 2008 High end residential interior design firm. Assisted interior designers with samples, product selection and general tasks. United States Forest Service 2001 Worked as a Timber Cruiser/Wildland Firefighter analyzing tree species for defects. Decided which trees were to be logged for consumer use. Cutting was based on a formula that mimicked the effects fire has on a forest. Responded to wildfire sightings by locating, containing and extinguishing fires. Skills Computer: Alias -Built lightweight computer models of product concepts in scale. -Rendering images of models to best highlight details, materials and possible surroundings. -Preparing or “stitching” models for 3D printing. ARC-GIS -Creating and editing .mxd projects -Creating and editing vector shapes -Creating tables to identify particular features, feature Photoshop -Rendering product concepts with intricate detail. -Editing photos to place products within a realistic environment. Illustrator -Vector graphics and rendering. InDesign -Page layout and design. -Multiple page document layout and design. PC-Nova (proprietary) -Used this proprietary software to ‘plant’ model, trees, and structures in a massive simulation database. Model Making -Formed and shaped renshape and foam to accurately represent product concepts. -Cast resin in silicone molds around an internal wire skeleton. -Painting models to achieve finishes that mimic that of the material intended for use in product. -Vacuformed plastics to create model forms. -Lathed and milled renshape and foam to create precise and accurate model details. Other Knitting- Use different materials, stitches and finishing details to make garments, containers and models. Sewing- Utilize sewing skills to make prototypes and finished products with a wide range of textiles and finishing details. Metal Working- Basic metal working skills including hammering, soldering, carving, repousse and finishing of metals.


California College of the Arts