I'm an Indonesian industrial designer (currently) living in Shenzhen, China. With 10+ year working experience as an industrial designer in various industry from consumer goods (i.e: footwear and bags) to consumer electronics (i.e: tablet devices, laptops and smartphones) have led me to gain knowledge in strategic skills such as: design thinking, design strategy and product development and innovations. In addition to the strategic skills, I am also specializing in deeper knowledge of color, material and finish (CMF) particularly for consumer electronic products. Understanding the correct use of color strategy, material implementation and manufacturing process are one of the critical skills and key success to ensure the product competitive edge and stay relevant to the target consumers expectation.


10 | Lead designer for Nike Batik Project for Barrack Obama. 04 | Best graduate Product Design student entitled as Cum Laude.


Bluelounge (Indonesia), KMK Global Sports (Indonesia), Lawton&Yeo (Singapore), Lenovo Group (China), INNOX (PT.Innoxindo Utama)

Experience & Education