Current Responsibilities at PT Time International: 1. Dress up seasonal stores theme on the retail store, supervise product display, prepare POP print, etc. 2. Supervise store Fitout. 3. Replacing new visual/poster at 10 stores and over 65 dealers twice (SS-FW) a year & prepare product fixtures. 4. Set up the venue of exhibition 5 times a year at the mall. Previous Responsibilities at PT Time International: 1. Creates New Watches Design for the upcoming season. 2. Identifying the styles that will be excepted by the market and trend in order to achieve better sales result. 3. Prepare the catalog, POP print, Marketing event. 4. Supports Marketing Team to set up The Stores, Bazars and other area to sell the product. Responsibilities at PT Sumber Daya Elektrik: 1. Creates New Outstanding Design for Packaging. 2. Creates & Develop New innovative Electric Products in China. 3. Initiates New Ideas for Brand Logo & Tag Line for marketing strategy. 4. Prepares & Creates New Design for Visual Graphic Promotion Tools (POP). 5. Supervises all the process of Design in Outsource/Agency. Responsibilities at Reebok Indonesia: 1. Responsible as a Gate Keeper of Aesthetic & Proportion for the whole of Development’s Creation. 2. Supports R&D with Ideas and Technical Suggestions on Development Process, such as Molds, Blue Prints, logos and mostly materials substitution to pursue the timeline. 3. Ensure aesthetically and correctly balanced between Upper and Bottom proportions with correcting Upper shell Pattern and Bottom Blue Print. 4. Creates New Design with Existing or New Bottom for regional and local market. 5. Motivates and Manages Design Trainees. abilities: - Creative, strong ideas and having good eyes to identify aesthetic works and details. - Good Hand Drawing and Sketching. - Working with Microsoft Offices, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and familiar with 3Dmax Studio. - Strong abilities at Shell Pattern & Blue Print revision, Materials & Logos, Detailing sections, Color Formulation, RVS Photography, etc. design philosophies: “Addicted to present new product, Answering the Question, chic, Unique, Original and Hit the Trend” “Design is for the future, must be Cleaner and more Detail” “I love imagination, I like design, and I always optimistic for the best future”


1. Best graduate in 2000 at The Faculty of Art & Design 2. Nominated to enhance the design skills in Reebok USA in May-June 2004.


footwear, watches, industrial design, packaging, logo, visual menchandising

Experience & Education