I am an artist, media and image specialist, and graphic designer with over 15 years experience. I work with print and digital media to create layouts, marketing materials, illustrations, and logo designs. My skills also include websites, marketing campaigns, and video commercials for broadcast and web. I have a background with creative agencies and in-house marketing departments, in industries ranging from fashion and travel to e-commerce and marketing. I am most comfortable in a fast-paced workplace and I am no stranger to multi-tasking and quick turnaround deadlines. I have extensive experience in many applications including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Bridge, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Audition, Edge, and Final Cut Pro. I am also proficient in office applications such as Word, Outlook, and Publisher. I possess excellent skills with presentation software such as Powerpoint and Apple Keynote, complete with audio and video. I’m an analytical, hard-working, a down-to-earth person, and i am passionate about my work. I foster high expectations in the workplace, but do so with pride and a spirit for camaraderie. I enjoy being part of a team that shares these values, supports each other and comes together to create great work.

Work Samples

  • Print Production

  • Advertising

  • Web Design

Work History

  • Creative Director

    Creative Director for the company and oversight of all marketing and online campaigns, as well as all brand and marketing recognition for both websites.

  • Creative Director / Print and Web

    • 1291 International Corporation, New York, NY
    • New York, NY
    • Jan 2004 - Nov 2014 (10 years 10 months)

    * Advertising and print production specialist.
    • Managed company marketing, printed materials, and advertising for the Manhattan office including design, art, video implementation, graphics management, and maintenance.
    • Responsible for team production of marketing plans.
    • Prepared Extensive Powerpoint and Keynote presentations for product branding and meetings.

  • Media Coordinator / Consultant

    • Visix Digital Signage system graphics
    • Media coordinator responsible for video and print oversight and training.
    • Brochure design
    • Event Invitation Design
    • Powerpoint Presentations
    • Adobe CS 6 support and Instruction

  • Image Specialist

    Bauer Publishing designs and markets 12 magazines including Life & Style, In Touch, First, and Woman’s World. Weekly circulation was estimated at over 7.5 million, nationwide.

    • Proofed all aspects of the magazine layout.
    • Served as liaison between the publisher and the client to ensure optimal client satisfaction.
    • Ensured correct reproduction of photography (e.g., clarity, color correction, and editing)
    • Coordinated with manager the back-up and cataloging of all photography and files.
    • Compiled all elements of the magazine for final production prior to publication.