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Redhead retouch - color correction, retouching and composited with new background
Stock credit:
Model: http://zeldyn-stock.deviantart.com/
Background: http://looking-glass-stock.deviantart.com/
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Please click Magnifying glass pop up lower left corner for full view
Original on Right - created 3D effect for product to POP
possible use in Lenticular design
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retouching - took out cigarette, skin retouch, color correct selectively
original stock photography
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beauty retouch - took out cigarette, skin retouch, color correct selectively
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PLEASE click magnifying glass for full view - portrait retouch - Image retouching
Please "View Original File" through "magnifying glass" link on right corner below image. This reduced size is washed out
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"Finding Opportunity" Imports - Marketing Campaign featuring theme of "Finding Opportunity" (for investment) in unusual places. Grass was the symbol in various situations. I researched, purchased, retouched and managed the assets after.
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Airport_opportunity branding - This is one in a series - a campaign highlighting finding opportunity "growing" in unfamiliar places. Financial paper
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Authorized retouch for textbook, retouched image on left
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Antoinette Retouch - Left side is original - dark, flat and blue
Used multiple adjustment layers and masks for color, levels, and selective saturation
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Photo Illustration - This was a pitch by a major advertising agency for a prescrition sleep aide. I was involved in the photo composition, manipulation and concept revisions. It was in Photoshop and was over 37 MB and had 47 layers.
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Photo illustration / retouching - I illustrated a concept here of two financial strategies being stronger working together as one - the image budget was non existent

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