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  • Maarten Timmer

    Transportation Designer

    Rotterdam, Netherlands

Product Designer at Spark design & innovation | Motorcycle Designer at MTD (Freelance)

Work Samples

  • Motorcycle racer project

  • Motorcycle VertiGO

  • Flow form

Work History

<p>Graduated on the design of the VertiGO, an electrical powered super-sport motorcycle. Work experience &bull; October 2010-recent; Product Designer at Spark design &amp; innovation. Main tasks; - Design and development of both constructive and design solutions and concepts. - Visualizing designs and design details. - Development of prototypes and test models of the designs. - Engineering the designs; development of CAD models and technical drawings &bull; October 2009-recent; Motorcycle Designer / Product Designer at MTD. Working on both automotive and product design projects. &bull; July 2009-February 2010; Researcher at the Delft University of Technology, researching the feasibility of the VertiGO motorcycle designed in during my graduation project. &bull; Summer 2008; Internship at MotorCentrumTerneuzen; acquiring knowledge about motorcycle technology in the workshop and in MCT&rsquo;s Dutch Superbike team. &bull; February - July 2008; Assistant at the IDE faculty, Design Engineering (DE) department: part-time job for one day a week. Educating first year students in the specialty of Statics and Constructions. &bull; March 2007 - March 2008; Assistant at the IDE faculty, DE department; part-time job for one day a week. File manager for the Materials Theatre; an open-source material database at the IDE faculty. Main activities; expanding database with material samples and contacting companies and getting them involved in the database to provide the database with new samples as well as a one page datasheet. Education 2006 - 2009: Master in Transportation Design Engineering (IDE) at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Graduated July 3rd 2009. &bull; Fall 2008 &ndash; Spring 2009; Master thesis in Transportation Design, subject of the thesis; Design of an electrical powered super-sport motorcycle. &bull; Spring 2008; Design project for an Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. &ndash; project content is currently confidential. Project acquired by Maarten Timmer, and executed in a team of six. &bull; Fall 2007; Design project for Philips Domestic Appliances; Concept vacuum cleaner with a gaming aspect through a remote-controller. &bull; Spring 2007; Design project for Dyna Seal, subsidiary of H&ouml;rmann; A truck-blocker to blocking trucks at docking stations while being (un)loaded. &bull; September - December 2006; Internship at Angelini Design, Padova, Italy. Designing a concept for a &lsquo;rally&rsquo; inspired car for an external company and built it into a 1:5 clay model. 2002-2006: Bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands Qualifications According to the designing activities I have control over the following programs and skills; &bull; Free-hand and tablet sketching &bull; Clay modelling &bull; Adobe Photoshop CS3 &bull; Adobe InDesignCS3 &bull; Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 &bull; Adobe Flash CS3 &bull; SolidWorks, 3D CAD program used as a standard at IDE &bull; Auto Desk Maya &bull; Microsoft Office &bull; Languages: Fluent in Dutch and English, good knowledge of German, basic knowledge of Italian and French. Hobbies &amp; Interests I am a keen motorcyclist and I like to use my bike to commute as well as for going on holidays. The best trip, by bike, has been the journey to my internship in Italy. I am also an enthusiastic sailor and I am a certified sailing instructor, formerly teaching during the holidays at a sailing school in the north of the Netherlands as well as around the isle of Elba in Italy.</p>


Delft University Delft University of Technology



Automotive / Transportation Design


3rd Price in the DDEA Public awards (Delft Design and Engineering Awards). (November 2009) STW Valorization Grant; a grant which made it possible to continue with the design and development of the VertiGO! (Summer 2009).