I, Mahdyar Fakhraei Ghazvini, am an industrial designer. I'm 28 and was born in San Jose, CA. I have received my master's degree in Industrial Design from the University of Tehran (Feb. 2012) and also my bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Aachen University of Applied Sciences (FH-Aachen), Germany (Aug. 2007). My main interest in design includes fields related to product design & packaging, 3D-modeling, and interior design. My strength includes modeling various parts, packages, household products & furniture, plastic or metallic crafts, etc. My education in both fields of art and engineering has gave me the ability to use my creativity and arty-styled ideas alongside with mechanism-analysis during designing a product and packages so that it could become aesthetically attractive and yet usable at the same time. I'm fully skilled on working with the SolidWorks® program and have designed and modeled various products that have already been enrolled to manufacturing in mass-production industry. I have completed several 3D-modeling projects using this program as well. These projects include as following: - Designing shapes for cell-phones and hard-drives, modeling industrial machines' parts & assemblies such as components of optomechanical instruments (microscopes & telescopes) - Modeling packages for different goods (promotional gifts for food companies) - Interior design particularly exhibit designs and store interiors - Designing and modeling households such as toasters, shade lamps, LED fiber-lights, coffee maker, ice trays, disk-holder, characteristic swatters, closets, TV & media set desks - Designing products which are manufactured in mass such as trays, catering sets for airlines (including 3 families of trays with cups, bowls and plates for 3 different classes of passengers) - Designing oil- & juice bottles which are manufactured by molding & injection method - designing and modeling playing-instruments for kids such as added valued kick-scooters - Designing & modeling concepts for running-shoes (which were my master's thesis project). In addition, I have designed concepts related to the fields of jewelry-design and urban-design. These designs include: designing a ring and a phone-booth. Furthermore, I have several years of experience in working with the Adobe Photoshop® and AAA-Logo® Design programs. In terms of the field of graphic design, designing logos and brand identity interests me the most. Due to my extensive interest in this area of design, I have previously designed many logos, logotypes, flyers & posters for different firms. In addition, I have extensive amount of experience in programs such as PhotoView® and KeyShot® rendering engines which are useful for presenting modeled products & packages. I have more than three years of work experience exclusively in the fields of design & arts. During this period, my job-roles as an industrial designer were product designing, product modeling and design engineering. Aside my defined duties as the product designer, I have also performed as the design-project-coordinator in some projects. I have also managed several projects in which I have been positioned as the observant field-engineer as well. I can speak English, German and Persian.

Work Samples

  • Corvette Scooter


  • Mobiles

Work History

Mahdyar F. Ghazvini 21717 Granada Ave. Cupertino, CA 95014 Home: (408) 418-4592 Cell: (929) 228-8923 Email: mahdyar_fg@rocketmail.com Portfolio: www.coroflot.com/mahdyar Objective: To develop and design innovative products from inception through manufacturing; my aspiration is to create and integrate unique design features into the product to enhance its image, applications, & marketing. Expertise: Product design/packaging 3D modeling Product Rendering Professional Experience: CanDo Design Lab; Tehran, Iran; Feb. 2012 to Present * Product Design & 3D Modeling * Design consumer and household products * Develop strategic design features for mass marketing application Freelance Design; Tehran, Iran; Sep. 2009 to Feb. 2012 * Shape design for consumer electronics * Teaching SolidWorks ** Industrial Designers ** Mechanical Engineers Sazan Co.; Tehran, Iran; Sep. 2008 to Mar. 2009 * Mechanical design engineer * 3D modeling and analysis Education: MA: Industrial Design, 2009-2012 * University of Tehran, Iran (UT); Kish International Campus BS: Mechanical Engineering, 2003-2007 * Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Aachen, Germany Design Workshop: Metamorphosis Workshop, Mar. 2011 * Cooperated by University of Tehran & National University of Singapore Proficiency & Software Skills: SolidWorks, Autodesk 3D Max & AutoCAD Adobe Photoshop-Illustrator-Dreamweaver, AAA Logo Design, & Freehand PhotoView 360, KeyShot, & HyperShot Language Skills: Fluent in English, German, & Farsi Citizenship: US Citizen


  • University of Tehran

    • Masters Industrial Design
    • 2009 - 2012

    Master Thesis: Designing a Running Shoe with Energy-Generation ability with Green Design-Approach Courses passed: - Industrial Design Methodology (Nigel Cross Rational Method / Kanzey Engineering / Scenario-based Design) - Strategic Design (Designing Brand Identity & Corporate Identity) - Art Critics & Design (Analysis of Different fields of designed things such as products, advertisements, phtography, etc) - Project 1 & 2 of Industrial Design (Design Management / BOM / Evaluation / Value Engineering / DFM / DFS / DFE) - Sustainable Design (Carlo Vezzulli's Methodology) - Consumer Behavior - Entrepreneurship in Design - Presentation Techniques - Metamorphosis Workshop (Cooperated program between National University of Singapore & University of Tehran)

  • Metamorphosis Workshop

    • Cerification Product Design
    • 2011 - 2011

    Cooperated by University of Tehran & National University of Singapore

  • Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Aachen, Germany

    • BS Mechanical Engineering
    • 2003 - 2007



Metamorphosis Workshop Certificate - a workshop of Product Design, instructed by Dr. Christian Boucharenc from the Department of Industrial Design of National University of Singapore (NUS) - Place of the event: University of Tehran