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Simple turntable animation made from this caterham fully modeled in Soliworks. The texturing, rendering and animating was done in Keyshot 3.
If you want to check some more of my work, go to http://www.coroflot.com/maxencedirat
2012, all rights reserved.
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This animation was a skill evaluation regarding an internship opportunity.
ADM Sarl sent me a vectored version of their logo, and I had 4 hours ( +2 for rendering ). Ended up spending a bit more time modeling/animating but a little less rendering.
This video is NOT in any kind an official commercial/animation for this agency, and was made for skills evaluation purpose only.
Still enjoyed a lot doing it.
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Little fun with letters, massFX and fbx export.
3ds max 2013 for sim and ks4 for rendering.
2013 - Maxence Dirat - All rights reserved.

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