Goal is to raise the profit margin at any company by creating innovative and mind-blowing design. Notes Apple and Tesla as premium benchmarks for great consumer product design and innovation and the marketing of it thereof. Enjoys all aspects of industrial design from ideation to sketching to prototyping, and from furniture design to toys to automobiles. Has a high mechanical aptitude and is a perpetual innovator with numerous inventions under development. Is highly positive, ultra-extremely hard working, extremely self-motivated, and a great team player, as well as an individual go-getter. Would love to join your team today! Believes to be unique in the field of industrial design, as has a knack for developing great and winner aesthetic designs for products, as well as engaging in creative/innovative design engineering. Feels he would be a great asset to any team looking for a highly creative and innovative industrial designer who also has a high mechanical aptitude. Due to being informed by Coroflot reps that companies steal/ripoff designers' works from their portfolios, many of my designs are not posted on this website, but only will be provided in interviews, or sent to hiring managers and HR personnel per necessity per job applications. Skills: 2D/3D Sketching/visualization Graphic design Model-making/prototyping Advanced 3D CAD modeling (Rhino 3D) CAD rendering (KeyShot) Design for 3D print and manufacture Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Engineering drawing/interpretation HTML5, Bootstrap 4, CSS3, CSS Grid Technology, Flex-Box, JavaScript, SOFTWARE: Rhinoceros 3D (Rhino 5.0), KeyShot, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Dreamweaver


$3150 essay scholarship: National Science Foundation (2006) Accepted at College for Creative Studies with $3500 scholarship Dean's list (2008) Cadillac SUV concept, bike storage concept featured in Design Philadelphia

Experience & Education