My designs and fabrications deal mostly with mechanisms. I love the great variety of different interactions that design allows us to find, and when I can incorporate them into a concept, whether it be a way to make something more versatile by adding a new or improved function, or just creating a simple gear engagement, I feel that I've accomplished something worthwhile. I prefer furniture, product, and all the drawing in between.

Work Samples

  • ID Drawings and Renderings

  • 3motes - Toy Design

  • Dola

Work History

Experience: Evan Eisman Company - Brooklyn, New York (Sept 2007 - July 2008) _Sandblasting (signage, large glass, weathering wood, stone, etc.) _Job details include building frames for glass in wood or in metal _Tool-oriented Academic Computing - Pratt, Brooklyn, New York (Sept-2004 - April 2007) _Lab technician and adviser _Duties included aiding students with various applications, especially Photoshop, Illustrator and CAD programs, as well as performing general computer maintenance _Student and administrator assistance Carnegie Mellon - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (April 2002 - April 2004) _Pre-college program _Instrumental in developing wood and metal working skills _Formed critical leadership skills by working in teams to design sculpture Skills: Art and Design Drawing (technical, illustrative, conceptual and presentation) Prototyping Modeling (real and virtual) SolidWorks Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Windows and Macintosh operating systems HTML, Flash, Arduino (Wiring) and Processing


Pratt Institute



Attended the Bauhaus (2007) Pratt Circle (graduated with honors)