ecofan - Stay cool and help protect the environment with this ecological window fan. The focus of this design was to apply sustainable design to an everyday object. Made of bioplastic- a biodegradable and compostable plastic made of corn starch and other raw, recyclable materials, the object was designed with the environment in mind at every stage of the design process, from manufacturing waste, to packaging.
Emix - Design for the DJ - Emix combines the latest in technology with a nostalgic presence. Two 12" vinyl touchpad surfaces surround the CD players which allow real-time scratching effects to occur. The mixer in the center incorporates touchpad mixing surface, along with an innovative DJ mixing software program to provide the DJ with as many tools allowed. Overall the entire setup weighs less than 30lbs. and is about one inch high, making Emix significantly lighter and sleeker than any other DJ setup on the market.
H2Orb Watering Can - The H2Orb watering can was designed to solve the problems that the everyday horticulture enthusiast endures. The large spherical container can hold several gallons of water creating fewer trips to the faucet for refills. The long spout reaches farther than most watering cans, enabling the user to reach plants without having to step in their garden. In addition, a 360 degree rotating handle moves back and forth as well as side to side to relieve stress on the wrist, arm and shoulder.
Acute Clock Radio - Own one of these and you might reconsider tossing it across the room in the morning. This clock radio was designed to highlight various materials and dimensions. The object is separated into two planes, one for the radio, and one for the clock; creating a separate but equal effect. Unlike most clock radios, this object stands tall and proud, creating more a presence within a room.
Body Sling Chair - Made of hollow steel tubing and dark blue denim, the Body Sling Chair was designed to accentuate the flow and position of the body while it is at rest and relaxed. Draping from side to side, the denim firmly supports the upper and lower half of the body, as if a large sling for the body had been created. The open frame allows for storage such as magazines, video games, even a small table. This one piece recliner only weighs about ten pounds.

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