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  • Mark mungkey Vicente


    Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, United Arab Emirates

Live Free. Love free.

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  • Video Montage Urban Tranquility Canon EOS 7D

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Work History

I am a mungkey, a self-taught videographer, and computer graphics artist. Curiosity has led me to teach myself. I believe that learning is a continuous process that will span even beyond our lifetime. I am always in the process of learning new things and new technologies related to graphics, multimedia, web applications development, 2d and 3d animation, as well as video and movie production. With the advent of High Definition Video-enabled Digital SLR cameras, I am inclined towards movie making using these cool little tools. I am still pretty much a beginner in most of these new fields though, but i am very willing to learn. I used to design and create websites and web applications. But as of the moment I have moved to creating videos, and starting to learn a bit of motion graphics. For those who may want to know about my previous work, I create dynamic websites. More like custom CMS systems. I use Apache PHP & MySQL to create ajax type Web Apps and sites. I also know how to use server-side and client side frameworks for php, css, javascript and sql. I know quite a bit about flash and dreamweaver, and also photoshop. I also do web multimedia animation and web graphics. I have experience developing and designing static webpages and entire websites using HTML / XHTML, CSS, Javascript. I know how to make these things work together. Perhaps i would rate myself on the average in any of these fields. I have over 5 or so years experience in web development, digital graphics and web animation. I also have some experience in print and interactive web media production. I hope, not only to learn new things, but also to retain and further develop the skills that I already have. I always make little experiments and personal studies using industry standard tools to further the improvement of myself as an animator, a videographer/filmaker, photographer or perhaps a motion graphics artist of some sort. I believe they will equip me with the right knowledge and attitude to face challenges in the near future. And as long as I learn, I believe I can make my dreams and aspirations come true. [video + colorist work / animation / motion graphics] http://www.vimeo.com/mungkey http://www.youtube.com/user/mungkey http://www.vimeo.com/lightronin Social http://www.facebook.com/mungkey/ [old work / graphic / photo] http://webmungkey.multiply.com http://mungkey.deviantart.com http://lightronin.deviantart.com/ Search: "mungkey" at google


Xavier University ( I didn't graduate, if that is a big deal for you,then perhaps I am not the one you are looking for, you may skip this profile for another)



lightronin, ratfobya, red lambago, vicentebros, mungkey


No big and important awards. Just these little things that i do. I'm not a even college graduate. I dropped out of college university to find a job to survive. But anyway, that's another story. If you like my work or if you need me to do anything within my...
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