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  • julie jennings

    Textile Designer

    johns creek, GA

Textile designer and fashion designer, highly creative and prolific. Specialty in creating one of a kind pieces on silk. Has work experience in freelance textile designing, clothing design using photoshop and illustrator.

Work Samples

  • orchids on silk

  • silk painting

  • clothing

Work History

Julie Jennings Silk Painting 1617 Girvan Ridge Drive Johns Creek, Georgia 678-772-0889 juliannecollections1@gmail.com Julie Jennings has been drawing and painting from early childhood, beginning with oils, watercolor, colored pencil and airbrush. “My interest in textiles began when the sewing bug hit at the age of 10”. It was not until her first encounter with dyes on silk that she has remained a student of silk painting. “A loaded brush full of the most intense color an artist can work with and watching it spread across the silk with one spontaneous action has captured my attention for over 25 years.” Through the experience of textile design she has developed all the techniques as a self taught silk artist. From the use of the different resists; wax, gutta, dye thickener, shibori and treated silk, and the different weights and textures of the silk, there is no method undiscovered. She continues to push the limit of her skills both with textile design combined with clothing construction and the use of digital to accomplish both. Shows and Exhibitions 2003 “Orchids, Beauty and Beyond” sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution and the United States Botanical Gardens. Washington D.C. 2004 Atlanta Botanical Gardens Atlanta, Georgia 2005 Hartford Orchid Society, Hartford, Connecticut 2005 Pacific Orchid Exposition, San Francisco, California 2005 Southeastern Flower Show, Atlanta Georgia 2005 Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Atlanta Georgia – Best of show award 2005 Seattle Visitors Center, Seattle, Washington 2006 Pacific Orchid Exposition, San Francisco, California 2006 Boca Raton Orchid Society, Boca Raton Florida 2006 Southeastern Flower Show, Atlanta, Georgia 2006 Miami Orchid Society and the South Florida Orchid Society, Miami Beach, Florida 2006 Birmingham Orchid Society, Birmingham, Alabama - Best of show award 2006 Atlanta Orchid Society, Atlanta GA- Best of show award 2007 Miami Orchid and South Florida Orchid Society, Miami, Florida 2007 Pacific Orchid Exposition, San Francisco, California 2007 Powell Gardens, St Louis, Missouri 2007 Birmingham Orchid Society, Birmingham, Alabama- Best of show award 2007 Atlanta Orchid Society, Atlanta, Georgia 2008 World Orchid Conference, Miami Florida 2008 Swan Coach House Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia 2009 Powell Gardens, St Louis, Missouri 2009 Atlanta Botanic Gardens, “Orchid Daze” 2009 American Orchid Society, Delray Beach, Florida 2009 Pacific Orchid Exposition, San Francisco, California Publications ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬__________________________________________________________________________________________ “Silk Painting: The Artists Guide to Gutta and Wax Resist Techniques” by Susan Louise Moyer ’Orchid Digest March 2007, April 2009 ’Home Improvement July 2008 Local newspapers and magazines 2004-2009 Work Experience __________________________________________________________________________________________ 1980-1982 Developed a line of hand painted cotton dresses for the beachwear market. 1982-1985 Artist for “Frillz” which produced hand painted clothing. 1984-present Freelance textile designer Client list: Perry Ellis, Liz Claiborne, Gottex swimwear, Yves St. Laurent, Speedo, Hawaiian shirt designer Tori Richards, Von Hamm, Nieman-Marcus, Ralph Lauren, Echo Scarves, Adrianna Pappel, Jantzen swimwear, Christian Dior, naming a few. Is responsible for producing sellable designs to men’s wear, ladies wear, swimwear, children’s and home furnishings markets. 2004- present President of “Silk Synergy, Inc.” a group of silk painters who have come together to show and sell our works of art with a common goal of education and creating momentum for the art of painting on silk to reach the level of acceptance from the art community and curators. Developed a line of silk scarves and shawls. Responsible for designing, sourcing, market research, accounting, education and sales and promotion since the conception of the company. Sourced manufacturing suppliers in Asia. Ten years experience with Photoshop. Freelance textile designer for agents and manufacturers currently active. Teaching Experience __________________________________________________________________________________________ Julie has been teaching to small and large groups on a regular basis for 25 years. Education __________________________________________________________________________________________ 1979-1981 Atlanta School of Fashion and Design, Atlanta Georgia 1981-1983 Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida