I am available for hire as a concept artist. The bulk of my work centers around action/adventure, humor, science fiction, fantasy, and historical-based fantasy. I also accept freelance product design, book and card illustration, marketing illustration, and pet portraiture.

Work Samples

  • Silver Crown Concepts

  • The Emperor and The Demon

  • Etson, The Bounty Hunter

Work History

Nicolas Palmer Based in Atlanta, GA drawself.blogspot.com nickpalmerarts@yahoo.com OBJECTIVE Concept Artist, Marketing Illustrator, Storyboard Artist, Texture-painter, 3D Modeler, Product Designer, Toy Designer, Poster Design, Logo Design EDUCATION Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), Savannah, GA Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sequential Art and Minor in Concept Art for Games Graduation: 2012 GPA: 3.50 Georgia Perimeter College, Dunwoody, GA Associate in Science Degree for Arts Graduation: 2008. Dean’s List 2 times. 3.0 GPA and higher throughout my college experience. Hope Scholarship qualification for over 5 years. SKILLS Character/Creature/Prop/Environment Concept Design and Marketing Illustration Writing and Illustrating Comics/Storyboards Advanced in Photoshop and Painter; Have taken classes in Maya, ZBrush, CrazyBump, Headus, Illustrator, Unreal Editor; (Capable of learning and self-teaching any software program necessary to complete day-to-day tasks); Some Texture Painting Advanced in Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic, Graphite, Ink and Markers, Pastel, Color Pencils EXPERIENCE (EXTENSIVE RETAIL; CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE) Freelance Concept Artist at Hatboys Studios designing Airships and some Ground-Assault Vehicles, Characters, and Environment from 2010 to 2012. Trio of finished drawings Roswell, GA, for Larry White requiring website illustrations about Y2K and the fear people were feeling regarding it in 1999. Blockbuster Video Roswell, GA, June, 1997 to May, 2000, and in Woodstock, GA for 3 years, Sept., 2000 to July, 2003, Customer Service Representative. *Merchandise organization, Customer Service, and Sales of Special Promotions and Rewards Memberships. Lead Researcher, Raindance Communications July 2003 to February 2004 Roswell, GA. *Acquisition of names, phone numbers, and emails to important upper level employees in a variety of businesses for sales department Petsmart March, 2004 to October, 2007, lead stockperson and sales floor associate. Forklift operation, Receiving Area, Sales Floor, Customer Service. Outback Steakhouse June, 2006 to August, 2006, while working at Petsmart, waiter. *developing people skills, sells and presentation skills, and memorization skills. Blick Art Materials September, 2007 to October, 2010. Cashier, Stockperson, Sales Floor Associate. *Customer Service. Acquiring and sharing knowledge about Art materials and techniques.