I am luhya from the western part of kenya, I am a humble and simple person, I have been drawing for as long as i can renember, if i would have kept all of my past drawings they would have piled up almost to the height of a two storey building, i used to draw cars on my school books and every plain paper i could find, i have never/dont smoke or drink alchohol, I am an indoor person i dont go out much, i have never been to any social gathering or an entertainment club, i only enjoy myself when i am listening to music while sketching/drawing, i draw anytime/everytime..... I myself belive that if you love all people and love doing what you do, then thats enough, i can never ask for anything else in this life.


designed body frame, for akamba bus service kenya ltd. and also did some CAD drawings for dodi autotech kenya ltd.


No affiliations, not any.

Experience & Education