I am luhya from the western part of kenya, I am a humble and simple person, I have been drawing for as long as i can renember, if i would have kept all of my past drawings they would have piled up almost to the height of a two storey building, i used to draw cars on my school books and every plain paper i could find, i have never/dont smoke or drink alchohol, I am an indoor person i dont go out much, i have never been to any social gathering or an entertainment club, i only enjoy myself when i am listening to music while sketching/drawing, i draw anytime/everytime..... I myself belive that if you love all people and love doing what you do, then thats enough, i can never ask for anything else in this life.

Work Samples

  • Transportation design concepts in line for 3Ds Max or Alias.

  • bus scribble concepts.

  • work i have done for companies

Work History

  • freelance

    • cyprian design
    • Mar 2009 - Present (8 years 8 months)
  • freelance

    • Cyprian designy
    • Feb 2005 - Present (12 years 9 months)

    Concept designer, Clothing, Auto/Inventor.

  • Designer/inventor

    • Cyprian designi
    • Jan 2005 - Present (12 years 10 months)

    While still doing illustrations for schools i also used to send my bus design concepts to various bus makers here in kenya, and In early 2009 i did a van concept
    design tender for
    dodi autotech kenya, i got contacted and did the designs through
    their engineer Mr Leonard
    Their contacts:
    Autotech (K) Ltd
    K.N.T.C Godowns,Runyenjes Road,
    OffNanyuki Road Industrial
    P.O. Box 410 -00515
    Tel: +254 20 532808
    Fax: +254 20 532808
    Email: info@dodiautotech.com.

    Late 2009 i did CAD/Engineering
    drawings for Akamba bus kenya
    ltd, The project was a special new bus that was to take East Africans by road to the 2010 South african world cup, i was contacted and did the drawings through their workshop
    manager Mr. Laban Maleya, the drawings
    were taken to china to be used
    when choosing interior materials,
    Their contacts: HEAD
    P.O. BOX 40322
    NAIROBI – 00100
    TEL: +254 - 020 - 553000,
    552218, 535627, 556062
    MOBILE: +254 - 0722203753,
    FAX: +254 - 020 - 537313,
    E-mail: info@akambabus.com.


  • St michaels primary/grade school: 1993 to 2001.

    • - -
    • 1993 - 2001

    In 2006 my parents could afford for me to continue school so i had to come out of school to look for working, but i am not complaining or feeling sorry for myself, because that is life.... plus besides having passion for transportation concept design, i also knew/know how to draw so then as a freelance artist we did little projects like wall illustrations for nursery and primary schools here in kenya, we also did painting illustrations and submited them to book publishers for a chance for us to be employed there as book illustrators, me together with my friend Collins Misigo from 2006 to 2008.



No affiliations, not any.


designed body frame, for akamba bus service kenya ltd. and also did some CAD drawings for dodi autotech kenya ltd.