Patrick advocates innovation for business, government and non-profit organizations across Europe and Asia. His area of expertise includes organizational transformation, entrepreneurship, creativity and facilitation. Patrick was awarded with the prize Victor Papanek, design for the real world. He is deeply human-centered in approach and ground rooted to business realities. He believes in the power of engagement to get the best from team work and facilitation. Believes in alternative thinking to open sky for business growth and social progress. Expertise in creating stories and scenarios to ease the risk and client's feasibility. Enable leaders’ achievements with organizational behavior and systemic thinking. He loves to dismantle paradigms and create opportunities for new perspectives to grow. He talks and writes about creative leadership at www.kovent.com Keywords: design thinking, business design, user experience, contextual innovation, user research, Public–private partnership, citizen engagement, community development, ethnography, social trends analysis, branding, marketing, communication, policy, open government, delivery unit, business hub, graphic facilitation, business innovation facilitation, social innovation, entrepreneurship, prospective-foresight


2006-02-01 - & Edition BEST OF 3D - Virtual Product Design Edition MONSA Design product publication: Wanome Yoss & Shuitab DESIGNER FOR REAL WORLD - Victor PAPANECK 2004-10-01 - Prize Chamber of Commerce - RUBIKA Revelation of Indian business opportunity and cultural integration Jury: Philips Design Seb-Tefal Volvo Sony Ericsson CDN International 2001-01-01 - National Trophy ACROPOSE France Awarded 8th place for Urban furniture designing


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