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  • paul roberts

    tattoo artist/ illustrator

    denham springs, LA

I want to be able to do art for anyone, be creative, and go far in the design world to make a name for myself

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Work History

Paul Roberts Basically, Im trying to get my artwork out to the world, i’ve been doing all sorts of media for the past 10 years, from painting to skateboard decks to tattooing and doing graphic design I also got a degree from the louisiana at lafayette in fine art. I just want the chance to put it all out, do artwork for any company or person or gallery. I have my resume if you want to check it out to know me better, if you have any questions or comments or even want to give me a commission or would like me in a artshow or gallery, or guess spot me at your tattoo shop reply to this message....Im working in lafayette, louisiana at Ink Gallery tattoos..... Education B.F.A., Graphic Design & Marketing University Of Louisiana Objective: Graphic Designer Summary Experienced with design concepts for packaging and advertising. Photographer with skills in evaluating prints for reproduction. Familiar with print preparation and production. Understanding of video shooting and editing for television. Experience in Photoshop, QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Indesign Experience GRAPHIC DESIGN Created consumer packaging using PMS and four-color processing; prepared designs for photo shoots. Produced ad campaign strategies for a variety of products and services. - Designed thumbnails, roughs, and final comps for print advertising. Communicated corporate identity through design of logo and collateral. Created mechanicals; proofed blue lines and color keys. Used a wide range of typography to appeal to specific audiences. PRINTING Experienced within the printing process of silkscreening, lithographs, (photo-lithograph also) etching, and woodcuts PHOTOGRAPHY Black and white darkroom and other technical experience. TATTOO ARTIST Portfolio on hand ART STUFF Group show exhibition 2006 University Museum of Fine arts in Louisiana I have a strong 3 years of graphic design under my belt, and 6 yrs of tattooing Im currently working with a guy thats starting a clothing line called "christopher wayne" I've designed some shirts for obey giant, and a few skateboard companies (hurley, element). I was a member of "team left" in which we created the logo for the "marquis de lafayette" commemorating 250 yrs. It should be used by lafayette's consolidated government in this year, we created it in 2005 I've entered at least 100 poster compititions, and for some reason I could only place 2nd in 10 of them. I've created birth announcements for buttercup kids which they didn't use, it hurt my feelings. I've designed a cover and a spread for "Flash Tattoo Magazine" which they did use, I was proud within 3 years, I've done a small share, and I am creative, able to make deadlines and work on a team. I've did more graphic design work for clients then I did for my classes when I was in school. I guess it was word of mouth But I can put some of my best work in a porfolio and send it out to you if your interested. Relevant Work History (Concurrent with Education) 2002-pres. Freelance Computer Graphic Designer, tattoo artist (Ink Gallery Tattoos) Education B.F.A., Graphic Design & Marketing University Of Louisiana


University of Lousiana at Lafayette



creation of the marquis de lafayette logo