visual artist & storyteller pm00 is an award winning illustrator from the Milan/London Metro area. He specializes in digital painting, editorial, book cover and fashion illustration. His clients have included Vanity Fair, Gq, Wired magazines (Italian and Spanish editions). Repubblica, D Magazine, L'Europeo, Panorama and others. Awards include Art and Illustration rewards and recognitions.

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Traditionally, drawing is the activity that most directly records the artist's inspiration and individuality. But many contemporary artists work in ways that deliberately challenge this assumption. Drawing has recently experienced a renewal of importance in the art world; in fact, it has rarely been as widely represented in the biennials, art fairs, and exhibitions as it is now. Similar in concept, scope and structure to Paul Mennea's various works, these links present, the works who have emerged internationally since 1981 using the medium of drawing. Whether representational or abstract, small or large in scale, using only one line or rich in colors and pattern, drawings have a highly descriptive and meticulously detailed quality that is being explored in an increasing number of contemporary shows and events. Extending beyond the traditional image associated with this medium, these works hope to illustrate the complexity, variety, and relevance of the practice of drawing today. ______________________________| __$$$___$$$___$$$____$$$_$$$__| ___$$___$$___$$$$$___$$$_$$$__| ___$$$_$$$__$$$_$$$__$$$_$$$__| ___$$$_$$$__$$$_$$$__$$$_$$$__| ____$$_$$___$$$_$$$__$$$_$$$__| ____$$$$$___$$$_$$$__$$$_$$$__| ____$$$$$____$$$$$___$$$$$$$__| _____$$$______$$$_____$$_$$$__| _____$$$______________________| __$$$$$_______________________| __$$$$$_______________________| ______________________________| ___$$$________________________| ___$$$________________________| ___$$$__$$$_$$$_$$_____$$$____| ___$$$_$$$__$$$$$$$___$$$$$___| ___$$$$$$___$$$_$$$__$$$_$$$__| ___$$$$$$___$$$_$$$__$$$_$$$__| ___$$$$$$___$$$_$$$__$$$_$$$__| ___$$$_$$$__$$$_$$$__$$$_$$$__| ___$$$_$$$__$$$_$$$___$$$$$___| ___$$$__$$$_$$$_$$$____$$$____| ______________________________| ________$$$__$$$__$$$_________| _________$$__$$$__$$$_________| _________$$$_$$$_$$$__________| _________$$$_$_$_$$$__________| __________$$$$_$$$$$__________| __________$$$$__$$$___________| __________$$$___$$$___________| ___________$$___$$$___________| ______________________________+


MIP Politecnico di Milano (Milan Polytechnic University) <b>.:.::..::.::....:..:....::</b> <br>BRAILLE BLIND INSTITUTE



2013 DIY Poster 1994 Aurina Valley 1986 Bellaria Film Festival