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  • Priyatna Dwinanda

    I'm not that good

    Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

I'm not that good/ never feel that good/ keep learning to be that good/ Graduate from Bandung Institute of Technology 2002.Currently fulltime emlployment @ Area Design , Bali an architectural design firm with speciality in hospitalitiy projects.Previously working for Ahmed Janahi Architects, Manama, Bahrain. Hepta Design/ Baskoro Tedjo Asociates Bandung, Indonesia.

Work Samples

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Work History

///Priyatna D Pribadi// mobile +6281321641412 //Skill: /Manual Sketch & Rendering /Photography /Model Maker/maquette /Computer Graphic, 3d Modelling //Topics of Interest: /Photography /Computer /Rendering & Animation //Award & Competition Prize// /2nd Place, National Design Competition, Religious Building, Atmajaya University, Yogyakarta Indonesia, 2001 /2nd Place + Doddy P. Pwinanda & Arie Prasetyo, National Design Competition, Public Place, Atmajaya University, yogyakarta, Indonesia 2002 /1st Place + Atika Salma Irhamy, National Design Competition ICI Color Award, Indonesian Institute of Architecs for Residential Interior Category /2nd Place + Atika Salma Irhamy, National Design Competition ICI Color Award, Indonesian Institute of Architects for Architeture/exterior Residential category /Nominee for National Design Competition, Ministry oh Housing & Public Facility Indonesia, 2002 /2nd Place Bekasi Monument in new governmental center. Bekasi government & Indonesian Institute of architects /1st Place public pooling for bekasi monument. /Finalist, Islamic University Gate Yogyakarta, Indonesia /Site Award Futurarc Prize 2008, with Fajar Aditya and Atika Salma Irhamy /1st place Sanctuary Home Griya Asri & BNI 2008, with Fajar Aditya & Atika Salma Irhamy /Nominee RUSUNAMI 2008, with Kukuh, Fajar Aditya, Atika Salma Irhamy /FuturArc Prize Citation Awards – in the Professional category – Site B 2009. with Fajar Aditya & Atika Salma Irhamy /Honorable Mention, New Landcsape in ex mining area-Bangka Belitung-PN Timah 201o, with Atika Salma Irhamy, Doddy P Dwinanda, Yurina Rahmanissa. Projects: //Graphics Designer// /2001 Calendar, Bandung Instite of Technolgy, Jepret /2002 Calendar, Bandung Institure of Technology, Jepret //Instructor// /Black & white photography darkroom instructor, Jepret /3DsMAx for arhitecture, Multimedia Lab, Arch. Dept. ITB /Fundamental Animation with MAX Digital Studio College, Bandung //Animation/3D Animation project/Artist Impression// /3D Animator, Baiturahman Mosque, Atrium 4 1998 /Location Designer, TV Series, REd ROCKETS Animation & Nestle, 1999 /3D Animator Multimedia Interactive CD, Historical mosque in Java, 2000 /Graphics Designer, Bus Toursim Route in Jakarta, Cemani Interactive& P2PAR ITB. /Graphics Designer, Intearctive CD, Medical Checkup For Children Desease, Cemani Interactive. 2001 /3D Animator IPB Dormitory Extension proposal, Griksa,2002 /3D Animator Indonesian Presidential Palace Documentation. Studio 3+& Ministry of Housing & Public Facility /3D Animator Islamic Center Siak, LPPM ITB 2003 //Maquette/Model Maker /Waterfront Recreation Facility, Jatiluhur, 1998 /Extension of Public National Library 1998 /Rehabilitation Center for Diasable People 1999 /Agricultural Boutique Hotel, Bogor 1999 /Granite Mine in Karimun Island, PT. Karimun Granit Riau /Islamic School in Riau, PT. Azzaki 2000 //Photography/Surveyor/Documentation// /Team Survey & photography for interactive CD, Historical Mosque in Java /Photo Contributor for ITB Calendar 2001, Jepret /Black & White photo contributor for Dakken Cafe decoration /Bandung, Jepret 2001 /Jakarta Kota Documentation, P2PAR ITB Architecture & Interior /Authorized Dealer Samsung Celular, Denpasar Bali 2001 /Mosque in BAlubur. Competetion Project 2001 /Undergrond Public Library in Slanted Area, Competition Project 2002 /Cibabat Hospital, Renovation Proposal, In Arst Multimedia /Hot Planet Restaurant, Sarinah, Axon 90, 2002 /Kaeser Kompresorn, Authorized Dealer Bandung, Axon90, 2002 /Kopi Bali House, Balim Axon 90, 2002 /Avenue Club, Sari Pab Pacific Hotel Jakarta /Tea Salon Counter, Singapore, Axon 90, 2002 /Flipside House Competition Porject, Bandung 2002 /Rose Of Sharon Center, Surabaya, Baskoro tedjo & Associates 2003 /Preliminary Study, Babakan Siliwangi, Danisworo & Associates /Pasar Simpang Housing, Competition Project /Renovation works of Bumi Karsa Hotel, hepta Desain 2003 /Etnics Galeria, Kua GAleria Bali, Hepta Desain 2003 /Bekasi Government Center Monument, Hepta Desain 2003 /Medan Fair, Bakoro Tedjo & Associates /Gorontalo MAsterplan Competition, Hepta Desain 2003 /Ancol West Gate Competition Proposal, Hepta Desain 2003 /Aceh Province Gate Competition Proposal 2003 /Muhamadiyah University renovation, Hepta Desain 2003 /Banten Mosque Mediatheque Competition Project /Hall for Batak Comunity Bogor, Hepta Desain 2003 //// Bahrain Fincancial Harbour for Ahmed Janahi Architects 2004 www.bfharbour.com /Financial Towers 2004 /Bahrain International Insurance Centre 2004 /Comercial East 2004 /4 seasons seychelles, Area Architects 2005 /Biu Biu Villas, Area Architects 2005 /Private Villa,Aqaba Jordania, Area Architects 2006 /Private House, Amman Jordania, Area Architects 2006 /Al Maaden marakech villa, Area Architects 2006


  • Bandung Institute of Technology

    • ST Architecture
    • 1997 - 2002



fotografer.net, ruang kepompong


Site Award Futurarc green arch. 2008 prize 1st Place ICI Color Award & IAI for Residential Interior Category /1st Place public pooling for bekasi monument with Hepta Desain. /2nd Place ICI Color Award & IAI for Architecture/exterior Residential category see resume for details...