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  • Dunja Seselja

    Ghent, Belgium

My shoe designs/drawings explore the form of high-heeled footwear and the possibilities it offers.

Work Samples

  • Shoes Featuring Animals

  • Shoes with a Face

  • Other Shoes

Work History

I am not a professional shoe designer and I have no academic background in this field. I work as an academic researcher, conducting a PhD in philosophy of science at Ghent University, Belgium. So, playing around with these kind of illustrations is just a hobby of mine. All the images of these shoes are just digital drawings and not photographs. None of these shoes has been produced yet, and the main condition for their potential production is that they are made in a cruelty-free way (that is, without exploiting either humans or animals). I work in Linux, Ubuntu and all of my shoes are made in open source program MyPaint (and Gimp, only for some final details), with Wacom Intuos-4S graphic tablet. *I'm currently too busy with my research to draw anything, including shoes*



DeviantArt community was kind enough to award two of my drawings with Daily Deviation award (accessible via http://renurenu.deviantart.com/gallery/), and I owe them a big Thanks for that :)