Small Groups Brochure and Envelope
Adrina Thorpe Album Booklet - This project was designed for singer/songwriter Adrina Thorpe. My original idea and treatment consisted of vibrant colors and a sort of collage look and feel, but the initial comp I put together (which led to what you see here) won her over. It was a real pleasure working with Adrina. For more on Adrina Thorpe and her music, visit her myspace.

For the entire project, go to
STM08 Campaign Brand - I was commissioned to design the look of the 2008 event.
Hermosa Salon Branding Package - This is recent print work I've done for various clients.
Print Design - 4-panel brochure
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Print Design - 6-panel brochure marketing campaign - After my initial art direction and design on the various postcards, a group of students were hired to hand out all the available postcards on the UCI campus with no other explanation besides the postcard itself.
Splurge Kids direct mail piece - This is recent print work I've done for various clients.
Vibe07 multi-panel brochure - This 8-panel brochure was for the VIBE07 conference. It was a tough task, but still one of my favorite print pieces. Finished size is 8.5x11.
Direct Mail Piece and Envelope
Resonate Mini Brochure
Reveal Magazine & Study Guide

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