Entry level Industrial Designer/ Concept generation to project implementation.

Work Samples

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Work History

4817 Bella Pacific Row # 208 San Diego CA, 92109 /marcocooper1@yahoo.com Hand skills: Sketching, marker rendering, model making. Woodworking-metalworking Plastics identification/usage. 2D computer: Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator, Vellum drafting. 3D computer: Intermediate Solidworks, completed essentials skills training at DDI training center in San Diego, CA. Self-taught Argon 1998-2004 - Cal State Long Beach B.S., Industrial Design Project: Designed Mobile AIDS unit for Africa. Designed and built scale model testing center that towed behind medium to large SUV around parts of Africa. Worked on team of three designers and one engineer. Responsible for idea generation, sketching and configuration of interior space. Second half junior year project: Designed and built full scale model Snorkeling/free diving goggles for Oakley (sponsor). Utilizing design themes of the company image. Design team consisted of one Industrial designer and two graphic designers, Working with a design member from Oakley as guidance. Research included different face dimensions, underwater and current diver trends. Finalized product based on Consumer feed-back on mock-ups and actual test fitting of goggles. 92-95 Employed by artist Italo Scanga artist asst.. Various job duties, welding framing/frame making tapping, metal and wood shop duties, shipping receiving painting and maintaining of artwork. 94- Urban Corps member summer 1994, urban renewal projects Sea World and San Diego Zoo enclosure renewal. 92- Saturday High summer courses (Summer 1992) in Transportation Design at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena. Special interest in Car and Watch design 2004-2007 Staff art show, Museum Contemporary Art San Diego. Site supervisor Duties Include: Supervised 12 guards, relieved front-desk, opening/closing and arming of building. Participated in staff art show


California State Long Beach