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    Krishnagar, India

I am a graphic Illustrator and a painter as well.I passed BVA from ICAD and later MFA from RBU .Right now I am self employed freelancer, working online through Internet. I work mostly on the Outsourced Projects from countries like UK,USA,Denmark,France etc. I illustrate designs for print and web with my team members. We provide almost all kind of designing and development services for our clients worldwide . To hire our team please Contact- contact@designhardcore.com

Work Samples

  • VEctoR illUstrAtioN

  • colored illustrations

  • Vector character sets

Work History

<p>NAME - SESHADRI ROY</p> <p>PLACE - KRISHNAGAR ,NADIA ,W.B.</p> <p>DATE OF BIRTH - 03.07.1982</p> <p>AGE- 29+</p> <p>SEX - MALE</p> <p>NATIONALITY- INDIAN</p> <p>MARITAL STATUS- MARRIED</p> <p>LANGUAGE KNOWN</p> <p>speak: BENGALI , HINDI ,ENGLISH</p> <p>read : BENGALI , HINDI ,ENGLISH</p> <p>write : BENGALI , HINDI ,ENGLISH</p> <p>EDUCATION PROFILE (completed ) :</p> <p>SECONDERY - 1STdiv - 1998 -ALL-Krishnagar Collegiate school( W.B.S.E) - 66.25% H.SECONDERY - 2nd div - 2000 - COM.- Bongaon k. k. Vidyapith(W.B.C.H.S.E) - 57.50% BVA - 1st class - 2005 - PAINTING - ICAD (RBU)- 68.90%</p> <p>MFA - 1st class - 2007 - PAINTING - Rabindra Bharati University - 61.50%</p> <p>EXPERIENCED IN- DRAWING,PAINTING, DESIGNING,MODELLING, SCULPTURE, GRAPHIC ART,PHOTOGRAPHY,CRAFT MAKING etc.</p> <p>COCURRICULAR ACTIVITY: Mountaineering,writing,playing various games,studying books on philosophy, psychology,spiritualism.</p> <p>WORKING EXPERIENCE- worked as Illustrator ( henu graphics) in Delhi, freelance designer, Freelance painter (SYNC Design Studio) in Hyderabad ,</p> <p>Now the art director of Design Hardcore (founder).</p> <p>phone no.09332541771(M)</p> <p>present address:180 R.N.Tagore road,Krishnagar,Nadia</p> <p>permanent address: 180 R.N.Tagore road,Krishnagar,Nadia</p> <p>Portfolios:</p> <p>http://www.designhardcore.com</p> <p>http://creativedesignhardcore.weebly.com/portfolio.html</p> <p>http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/yourgallery/artist_profile/Seshadri%20Roy/102833.html</p>


The Indian college of Art and draftsmanship



Rabindra Bharati Univesity


BVA from ICAD MFA from RBU