Eddy Lai (Chinese Name: Juen-Bang, Lai) Specialties: Industrial Design, Design Management

Work Samples

  • 2012-Tulip-outdoor-utensils

  • Accessories Design and Scenario Rendering

  • Production Project

Work History

My name is Eddy Lai and I am a responsible, motivated product designer and project manager. I recently immigrated to United States on June 2011 to learn English and to challenge myself. I have been working in the Industrial design industry in Taiwan for over 10 years. I have worked for big companies like Mitac International Corporation designing portable navigation device. While at Mitac, I have created several products for GPS brands (MIO, Navman, Magellan) that have successfully launched in the world-wide market. In addition, at Tatung Company, I have designed many computer monitors and television products. My projects often involve marketing research, sketching, 2D rendering, and conceptual planning to production. One of the successful projects I worked on at Mitac required me to design a mount for the portable navigation device. While designing the product, I had to take into account the weight of the device, the mobility of the device at different angles and the different surfaces the mount could be on. This finished product has done very well in the market today. Please view my project “2008-7 inch-CARMOUNT-DESIGN” in my portfolio. Although I am not very fluent in English yet, I am very confident in my works and work ethics. My experiences have enhanced my skills to work well on a team or independently. I have maintained a positive attitude when tackling diverse and demanding workload that has resulted in successfully completed jobs. My bilingual skills will be a great asset to the company if the company ever wants to expand its business to Asian countries like China or Taiwan. I offer you a dedicated, disciplined and innovative product designer who has all the necessary skills and knowledge to help the company grow. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you soon.Please feel free to contact me via email as below: shadowspyr@gmail.com, Thanks Sincerely, Eddy Lai Software Pro-Engineer wildfire, Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator CS, Corel Draw, Microsoft Office 2010, WIN 7, Management Design Department management: job planning / resource forecasting / personnel mentoring & development / budgetary control / creation and implementation of design documentation: processes, standards & best practice guidelines. -2008 / 11- 2011 / 03: Design Department Manager – Mitac International CORP. Taiwan, ROC, -2007 / 08: Design Project Manager –Mitac Co. -2006 Mitac Year Outstanding Employee -2005 / 05-2006 / 05: Senior Product Designer–Mitac Co. -2002 / 03-2005 / 03: Product Designer–Tatung Co. Work Experience -2010 / 06 / 09 Invited to reviewing student topic of Graduation in Department of Arts and Design, National Taipei University of Education. -2009 / 03 / 28 Invited to reviewing department Course Advisory in Department of Industrial Design, Hua-Fan University. -2008 / 04 / 08 Invited to reviewing student topic of Graduation in Department of Industrial Design, Hua-Fan University. -2007 / 12 / 22~2008 / 01 / 26 Invited to join Mio design team workshop activity with student in Department of Industrial Design, Tatung University, “Workshop Topic: AVN Human Machine Interface Study.” -2007 / 12 / 12 Invited to Speech with student in Department of Management Information Systems, National Chen-Gchi University, “Speech Topic: Mio’s innovation product design and GPS future trend.” -2007 / 08 / 07~2007 / 08 / 10 Invited to join “New GPS device Design Program” with IDEO Studio, London -2007 / 03 / 14~2007 / 03 / 21 Entry 2007 Cebit Show in Germany -2007 / 07 / 17 Invited to Speech in New Wave Forum of Business Next Publishing Corp, “Speech Topic: Mio lead me for fun.” -2006 / 10 / 13 Invited to join APCHI 2006 Global Interactions discuss meeting from Department of Industrial and Commercial Design, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, “Discuss Topic: Cross-cultural in HCI–Taiwan experiences." -2006 / 08 / 20~2006 / 08 / 27 Entry 2006 Good Design Award in Japan -2006~2009 Host and contact window of YSED design Award-Industrial design group (School Promotion, Competition Assessment, Counseling Intern)


Master Degree-National Taiwan University of Science and Technology ; Bachelor Degree- Department of Industrial Design, Hua-Fan University



iF Product Design Award*6 ; Taiwan Excellence Award*2; Computex Taipei Design & Innovation Award*2 ; Got more than 20 Patents in Taiwan and China area