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  • Nelson Cardoso


    São Paulo, Brazil

Creative Director in the communication, accumulate experience in several related areas such as: scenographic marketing, events, direct marketing, advertising and digital. Worked for great agencies and media companies both in Brazil and internationally: FirstGroup (Madrid), Series Work (New York), Digital Branding FCB (Lisbon), Ogilvy Interactive/One, Wunderman Interactive, Grey Direct, Globo Publisher (São Paulo), Folha de São Paulo (most important newspaper in Brazil) and JWT. Worked for important clients like: Philip Morris, Swatch Group, Jameson Irish Whisky, Intel, Axel Springer, Mercedes Benz, IBM, Citibank, Caixa Geral De Deposito (most important bank in Portugal), Pfizer, Coca-Cola Company, Ron Bacardi, Santander, Novartis, L'Occitane, American Express,Cultura TV, Illy Coffee, Boehringer Ingelheim, AutoBild, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire Magazines, The Walt Disney Company, Discovery Channel, Ambev, Cyrela Brazil Realty, Odebrecht Organization and Incorporation Brookfield. Expertise in Adobe Suite6. Various courses of specialization.

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Experience comes from generating global projects for clients in the fields of exhibition design, events, direct marketing, entertainment, promotion, adverstising and digital. With customized creative ideas and reliability, we have set as our primary goal to reach the highest standards and an efficient, flexible and close customer service. Recent work:Recent work: Creation project scenographic theme Olympics 2016 to the office of Visa Inc. in São Paulo and Brasília. Promotion REDE DO BEM Nestlé, creating keyvison and promotional pieces. Coke Company and FIFA: Livestock scenographic space in Brazil Cup Tour with the FIFA World Cup. All in a single beat 2014. Celebration of 60 years of Volkswagen Brazil, the four industries. Partner Space Fan AMBEV, reception, classroom, cabin, press room, stadiums of the Portuguese Association of Sports and Santos Futebol Clube. Visual Merchandising storefronts of shops L'Occitane and Havaianas in Brazil. Over 30 projects throughout Brazil, with management challenge and simultaneous operation, screen 3D cinema, from a children's book, even to the most famous mouse in the world. See some of our partners and customers: The Walt Disney Company, Discovery Channel, Lego, BR Malls. Merry Christmas!! TOYSTORY, MONSTERS, LIBRARYof MICKEY, POOH BEAR, DOKI, ANGRY BIRDS, CIRCUS CHRISTMAS, MANUFACTURE OF TOYS. SCENOGRAPHY VISIONE – (Sao Paulo/Brazil) - Creative Director – 11/12 The scenographic marketing deals with a variety of architectural planning, interior design and product design while placing careful attention to functionality and keeping a young fresh and unique style. The work process starts by understanding the space and its properties, to sketches and mind storming to formulate a whole design concept. Clients: Brookfield Incorporation, Ambev, Brahma, Brahma Country, Brahma Super Bull PBR, Skol, Fusion Energy Drink, Cyrela Brazil Realty, Lucio Engenharia, Miolo Wine Group, ICDH - Commitment to the Institute of Human Development, Odebrecht Incorporation, Casas Bahia/Ponto Frio, Vivo, Sundown, Kasinski. FIRST GROUP - (Madrid/Spain) Creative Director - 06/10 Creative scenographic design of promotion, direct marketing, event, promotion, on/offline campaigns and graphic design. FIB/FEB Eurosbasket, Philip Morris Spain, Heineken Beer, Ron Brugal, MTV Europe, New York Making, ChupaChups, Diageo, Chesterfield, Marlboro Mixtronica, LM, Red Label, Telefónica, Caslberg Beer, Jameson Irish Whisky, Contemporary Art Fair of Madrid - ARCO 07/08/09, Swatch Group, Campari, Mentos Cube, NoTodo Film Fest, Villa Massa, Ron Bacardi, Chivas Regal Whisky, Fashion Week Madrid, Cosmopolitan Magazine, OPIUM Barcelona, and Rock in Rio Madrid. SERIES WORKS - (New York/United States) Creative Director (freelance) - 05/06 Creation of site, promotions campaigns and art publisher - Nokia, Napoleon Cosmetics, Intersystem MARCA COMMUNICATION - (São Paulo/Brazil) Creative Director – owner 03/05 Planning and creation campaign in the direct marketing, on/off-line and graphic design - Edinfor, 141 Worldwide, Decar Autopeças, INC. do Brasil, Harvard Business Review, Jobsway, Jump Solution, DIGITAL-BRANDING FCB - (Portugal/Lisbon) Creative Director - 01/03 Creation of site and campaign in the direct marketing - Abreu Turismo, CGD -Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Club International of Golf, Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa, Geotur, Kodak, Ilha de Porto Santo, Sofinloc. OGILVY INTERACTIVE - (São Paulo/Brazil) Creative Director - 01/01 Creation of site and on-line campaigns - IBM Corporate, Schain Incorporadora, Unilever. IMPIRIC INTERACTIVE - (São Paulo/Brazil) Creative Director - 00/01 Creation of site and promotions campaigns - Citibank Group, Homestore, MasterCard, TVA On-Line, What’s Up. GREY DIRECT - (São Paulo/Brazil) Creative Director - 96/00 Creation in the direct marketing and promotional campaigns: Boehinger Ingelheim, Santander Bank, CTBC Celular, Casa Hope, Illy Coffee, Novartis, Mercedes Benz, Meio&Mensagem, Pfizer, TAM, UDV.


  • Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado

    • 1988 Plastic Art
    • 1985 - 1987



10 Drinks Promotion-GOLD Beverage Case-SILVER Display-GOLD 03-ABOUT BRONZE TVCidade 02-ABEMD GOLD Embratel ABEMD GOLD Iguatemi ABEMD GOLD Embratel 01-iBEST Close-up iBEST IBM 00-ABEMD SILVER Pfizer 99-ABOUT GOLD Boehringer Ingelheim 99-ABERJE GOLD Algar 98-ABOUT GOLD UDV