Hi, I'm Simon Edwards, and I'm 3rd and final year at the University of Derby, studying a BA in Product Design. Upon graduation I hope to gain some experience in the general product design, and then to specialise in automotive design at some point in the future. I'm currently working on my major project, desiging Scuba Diving head protection.

Work Samples

  • 3rd Year - KTM Mini Motocross Bike

  • 3rd Year - Rugna - Folding Bicycle

  • 3rd Year - Eco Bike

Work History

Having just completed my disetation on "Third World Overlooked? Can we design socially responsible products for the Third World?" I'm now focusing on my final year project, designing scuba diving head protection. The most recent piece of work I have completed is a Mini Motocross bike modelled in Solidworks and ProEngineer, and then rendered in 3ds Max. This was a university assignment, and I will be displaying it within the Derby Degree show. Various other projects I have worked on in the past few months include a theft proof bicycle, an innovative wine bottle featuring a lid containing nibbles, and an eco friendly bicycle made from wood and recycled aluminium. Having lived in South Africa, Panama, Jamaica, Australia, Jersey (C.I), France and the Turks & Caicos Islands, I have exeperience in working with other cultures and am quick to adapt. I enjoy all aspects of Product Design, and strive to reach high standards of work. Thanks for looking at my portfolio, Rhys


University of Derby