My name is Josef Konata and I am an artist, illustrator, designer and copywriter. I create highly unusual creative content, which includes illustrations, designs, and artwotk, as well as commentary in the form of editorials, prose and poetry. My specialty is the graphic-tee. The motivation behind my creative point of view is to enlighten, inform, humor and provoke thought. The LAB 709 motto is "We do Branding Business As Unusual!"

Work Samples

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Work History

OBJECTIVE: A position where I can utilize my ideation and presentation skills to assist in the leveraging of brands relative to the agency’s bottom line. EXPERIENCE Sven09 Design (Art Direction) Jackson, MS Copywriter/Illustrator September 2010 - Present Povide creative direction, copy and strategy. Design and sell graphic tees, illustrations, brand IDs and apparel East Point Printing (Sales consultant) East Point, GA Sales & Marketing February 2011 - September 2011 Provided sales and marketing consulting Designed logos, graphics, apparel and promotional artwork Created website, copy and web content (SEO) Art Space International (Fine Art) Atlanta, GA Consultant for MainLine Memories May 2009 – July 2010 Provided sales lead for Artist Robert West Assisted Marketing Director Michael Sanders with exhibits Josef Konata Designs! (Creative) Atlanta, GA Freelance Graphic Designer July 2001 - September 2010 Designed and sold print collateral, illustrations, graphic tees and apparel Ujaama Designs, Inc. (Creative) Ft. Worth, Texas Designer/Creative Consultant December 1997 - December 2000 Designed graphic tees, mugs, and other specialty merchandise Provided creative direction, copywriting and marketing strategy Hammonds House Art Gallery (Fine Art) Atlanta, GA Tour Guide/Volunteer July 1994 - June 1996 Assisted in the day-to-day operations of the gallery Provided guided tours, customer service & merchandise sales Misha Enterprises (Sales/Marketing) Atlanta, GA Marketing Representative/CSR May 1994- July 1994 Assisted in sales and marketing of specialty ad merchandise and apparel Thirsty Camel Sales (Screen Printing) Atlanta, GA Production/Sales Assistant May 1993 - May 1994 Assisted in silk-screening production, designs, and selling of graphic tees CLIENTS LAB 709 - ID System, branding, marketing, apparel & self-promotion 2011 - present Keeler Dental - ID System, branding, marketing & promotion 2012 - present Mariel Greek Shoppe – Brand merchandise, marketing & promotion 2012 - present The Frank Jones Law Firm – Brand ID and strategy 2011- present GLORY Gear - ID system, logo, marketing, merchandise & apparel 2010 - present Guru Gilliam’s WestEnd Kiosk – apparel design & POP 2010 - present East Point Printing – graphic designs & illustrations 2011 Suna – Apparel & merchandise design 2010 Results Hair Studio – Logo-type, brand merchandise & apparel 2009 Lite Industrial – Brand ID 2009 – ID System & brand merchandise 2007-present PUBLICATIONS Smacktown - self-promotional underground publication June 2012 - present The Kleen Magazine – cover design, editorial art & layout consultant 2009 - 2010 Urban Biker Magazine - Layout, editing, copy, apparel and design consultant 2002-2003 (The Images and concepts that appear on this site are copywritten by Josef Konata &amp; sven09design... ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2012 &amp; BEYOND!!!)</p> 601-812-4045


Creative Circus Art Institute of Atlanta Tougaloo College (Tougaloo College - Outstanding Achievement in Art for 1993)



ABOFA ( A Breath of Fresh Art) Skillz (Society of Killustrators)


ABOFA - The Marcus Garvey Red-Black-Green Artist of the Year Award for 2011 Skillz- Mad Skillz in Art & Design Award for 2015