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  • Girishbabu Uppin

    Product Designer

    Bangalore, India

* Highly interested in Consumer Electronics, Appliances, Interaction Design, Package Designing. * Capable of Industrial designing and Engineering Designing (till manufacturing). * Have interest in User Interface Design. * Has passion for Design and treat Design as problem solving tool. * Look for the opportunities where I can apply my skills and mind for success. * Thinks of Design for Everyday things to make life easier. Believe in C2C- Customer's Need to Customer's Satisfaction

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Work History

Girishbabu D Uppin Bangalore, India ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Email: uppingiri@gmail.com, Mobile: +91 9972211994 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Education: ~ 2 year-Post Graduation M.E in Product Design and Enginnering from NTTF School of Post-Graduate Studies, Bangalore, India. ~ 4 year degree course in Bachelor of Engineering B.E (Mechanical) from M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Personal Details: * Born on June 16th 1982 at Bail-hongal, of Karnataka, India. * Fluency in English, Kannada and Hindi. * For keeping good health plays sports like long jump, cricket, hockey, TT etc * In ideal time read non-fiction novels, enjoy computer 3D games & long rides. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ B.E (UG) Academic Project: ~ BE(8th Sem)------ E – Bike (Electro – Solar Bike): E-Bike is a bicycle powered by the DC–Current generated by 4 batteries of 12V - 7.2A/h connected in a parallel-series connection. The current generated by the batteries drives the DC motor which in turn drives the rear wheel of the bicycle through belt drive, hence converting electrical, solar energy into mechanical energy. The batteries can be charged by electric and solar means. M.E (PG) Internship: ~ME(4th Sem) ------ Mobile Docking Station: 1. Design of Mobile Docking Station: The scope of the project was to Design of Mobile Phone Docking Station, the product which falls under the category of entertainment cum communication sector. This is analogous product to iPod, MP3 docking station. When the mobile phone is docked, the radio feature is activated to play radio channels. This can also be used as communication media, as it allows answering or making calls without picking the phone from the docking station. This was individual project and my responsibility was to design the same product, the project involved total design process - from customers’/market survey, concepts generation for aesthetics and technical requirement, and till detail designing necessary for manufacturing. 2. Package Design (Carton) for FWP-Fixed Wireless Phone: My responsibility was to design the carton layout and till its production by following up with supplier. Carton was for packaging the in-house made FWP. The design was completed successfully and the carton was produced. The carton design was found to be more efficient in design/strength, cost vise and used for packaging the FWP. For more details “Project Presentation” for the same is available at the link – http://show.zoho.com/public/uppingiri/Project-Presentation.ppt1 Professional Experience: Current: ~ At Larsen and Toubro - Integrated Engineering Services (L&T IES) (Jan11 - till date) Details of Projects handled and handling currently at L&T IES woulde be given at request. Projects handled, as Senior Designer–PD (July09 – Jan11) ~ At Pricol Technologies Ltd. Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. 1. Design of Office Furniture: (Team oriented and Completed) Team size: 4 This project included Design and development support for complete set of office furniture. Proposing concepts for design of components (Plastics and sheet metal) involved, coordinating with client for engineering design till manufacturing stage 2. Design of Sensor Mote (Plastic Product Design): (Individual & Completed): The project was to design the Sensor Mote - an electronic product used to study the occupancy of chairs, furniture to calculate the usage of chair/furniture. Tasks were to support ID team, and propose engineering design till manufacturing stage Projects handled, as Senior Designer–PD (Feb08 – Feb09) ~ At Ergoform Consulting Pvt Ltd Bangalore Ergoform Consulting Pvt Ltd is an Industrial Design and Product Development Studio focusing on street furniture design like Bus Shelters, Foot-over bridges, public transport station, kiosks, shopping malls etc. 1.Design of Bus Shelters: (Individual & Completed) The project was to design AC Bus Q-Shelters for cities of Morocco - Marrakesh and Casablanca. Designs were proposed based on the cities culture and tradition. My role was to derive initial concepts, and converting into 3D modeling and rendering. 2.Signage Design and Planning: (Individual & Completed) The project was to plan and design the location, sizes and types of media units for GVK Mall at Hyderabad, starting from the indentifying the location, selecting media type to be used, coordinating with design of units, till implementation. During the project it also involved coordinating with client, customer and vendors. Projects handled as R&D Engineer ~ At NI-Micro Technologies (NIMT-BPL), Bangalore NI-Micro Technologies (NIMT-BPL), Bangalore has Design and Manufacturing unit for Mobile Phones and its accessories, Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP) and other electronics products, with R&D facilities. 1. Design of Accessories: (Completed) At the beginning - as Engineer, I have design some plastic products and accessories for mobile like, charger pin holder, grommet for headset, footpads for docking station, cover cap for FWP, plastic mobile covers. All the above mentioned products were been moulded/produced and are in usage. 2. Package design (Inner and Outer Carton) for Mobile: (Completed) In this the requirement was to design the carton for all models of BPL mobiles, with less economical meeting all packaging factors. Accordingly the requirements were met more effectively and the cost of the carton was been reduced by Rs 8.0 per carton and expected to be produced soon. 3. Whip Antenna: (Completed) It was reverse engineering of the antenna used for FWP. My role was to find the materials used, and make to met our requirements. Engineering Design is completed, with cost estimation of the product. Production of the product has yet to be decided. 4. Fixed Wireless Phone (FWP): Team Project of size 2 - Engineering design for manufacturing of the receiver was my responsibility and the design was completed. REASEARCH EXPERIENCE: 1. Industrial Case Study: (Individual) Case: Non Uniform Distribution of Light through light guide/pipe This was case study done at my PG School as academic requirement. In this the student has to identify the problem concerning design in the any industry and suggest the solutions for the problem undertaken for study. My case study was to solve the non uniform distribution of light through light guide/pipe in the Rear AC control panel for a car. All the existing light guides were studied and new design was suggested. Mock up was been made, the results were found more satisfactory then the older ones. For more details “Presentation” for the same is available at the link – http://www.slideshare.net/uppingiri/case-study-presentation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Link of my ppt (Presentation) of my Portfolio: http://www.slideshare.net/uppingiri/portfolio-uppin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ With Thanks Girishbabu


NTTF School of Post-Graduate Studies, Bangalore, India