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  • valerio vinaccia

    milano, Italy

Product Design Studio

Work Samples

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Work History

Integral Studio Vinaccia was created in 1987 in Milan by Giulio and Valerio Vinaccia. The Studio works mainly with product design, packaging and corporate graphic image. Their projects have been selected to take part in numerous international exhibitions and in some of the most important permanent Design collections. From the end of 1995 , thanks to the joint venture with the Integral design network, the Studio Vinaccia is able to operate with a European network with partners in France, Germany and Switzerland. From 1997 to now they are technical consultant for the UNDP (United Nation Development Program), the government of Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Spain and the ECC for project in design & culture research. The Integral Studio Vinaccia network exchanging information and know-how, join forces to make a better use of the local potential, in order to respond to the demands of the twenty-first century.