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    A few months ago, Google released a Sandbox that allow webmasters and developers to try out a new search algorithm. From the sandbox, search users are able to see a different set of search results. This new algorithm is known as Caffeine Search Algorithm.

    What is notably different from the new set of search results is that the images, news and video results are presented differently. They appear to blend into the search results, instead of appearing on top (or at the bottom) of the search results. This could mean that the new algorithm takes into account the freshness of the content. The new algorithm also appear to reward sites that are updated on a regular basis with unique content.

    Those who have tested the new search engine said that the results are not dramatically different, so there is no need to worry about your sites dropping out of the search results overnight. As long as your site is built along sound webmaster guidelines, they will continue to do well. Let's recap some webmaster guidelines to avoid being penalized by Google.

    1) Unique content.

    Don't use software to generate your articles. Always write your own content. Keep the content on your site unique and avoid publishing the same content on other websites. If you want to use content to market your site (e.g. article marketing), write a different batch of articles and use them solely for marketing.