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  • Hendra Wijaya

    hendra wijaya

    BANDUNG, Indonesia

As a graphic designer, I have about almost 10 year of experience working with a design firm & Offset Printing Packaging . I really do enjoy working in this line and I have a passionate about the arts, Branding & Photography. Right now I'm actually seeking freelance, part time, Full Time opportunities

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Name: Hendra Wijaya Date of Birth: 13th April 1972 Gender: Male email: azrael@bdg.centrin.net.id - viedesign@yahoo.co.id address: Ciateul Tengah 7 Bandung E mail: azrael@bdg.centrin.net.id Graduate from STISI (College of Design) Bandung-INDONESIA majoring GRAPHIC DESIGN Program Knowledge: ***************** Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Corel Draw Macromedia Freehand 3D Studio Max Macromedia Director Adobe Premier Skills: DRAWING PAINTING & Photograph



ICO (http://www.1worldart.com)