HCL Mobility - eDM

The idea is to show a surge of mobile applications in the market today. I’ve kept the outline of the mobile in hand, taking away the importance of the handset. Instead, I created an environment of mobile applications that are intrinsic to mobile devices today, which make the businesses and the consumer tick.
HCL Mobility - HCL is giving away an ipod to those members of COE HCL group on Linkedin who share most no. of ideas, comments, etc., basically who generate most no. of clicks.

Since neither the budget or the model of the ipod was decided, I created a generic image that has an instant connect to an ipod. The pointer icons superimposed on the background give a feel that the clicks make the ipod happen. The text written in the middle of the previous and forward icons again bring a feeling of call-to-action.
HCL for Citi - Presentation Theme

Illustration shows the flexibility of the organisation to adapt to Citi's growing demands.
HCL for Aegon - Presentation Theme

The illustration shows exponential transformation, speed and continuous growth.
HCL TIBCO - Ad (and Illustration)

An airplane zips across a chain of people to show operation efficiency in Airlines through TIBCO Services from HCL.
HCL for Oracle FSS - Mailer Theme

Illustration shows an HCL'ite blowing a globe-bubble to show 'new horizons'.
HCL for Social Intelligence - Mailer image illustration shows the face of HCL made of social networking icons, icons that suggest connectivity.
HCL - HCL's Ad in Boeing Magazine.
HCL - HCL's Ad in Boeing Magazine.
HCL - HCL's Ad in Boeing Magazine.
HCL Retail - Logo shows Retail in different colours for different aspects of Retail as well as a barcode starting with the alphabet L.
S2SG- Smart Solutions for Smart Grid - This typographic logo shows edgy, accelerated solutions, in other word, Smart Solutions for Smart Grid.
HCL SWA - Partnership logo

Logo shows a Southwest Airlines airplane leaving a jet trail in the form of a heart- for LUV.
HCL Veeco - Partnership Logo

In the selected logo, I showed two people representing both the companies, building for a green future. The HCL man icon innovatively holds a bunch of leaves in both his hands and forms a tree and the Veeco man icon assists him in this task.
HCL's Analyst Day Invite - 'Block your date' eDM

The idea was to highlight 2nd December so that it registers in the mind and also looks striking.
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HCL EmpoweRetail - Retail Brochure
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HCL's Business Productivity Suit - Brochure cover
HCL for Accord Loma - Presentation Template

The Pianist: The theme depicts that an HCL’ite can produce work with as much passion and innovation as their hobby (playing a piano, here).
HCL for Accord Loma - Presentation Template

Financial Wave: The theme depicts how HCL’ites are able to sail through IT issues at Accord Loma. Also, that people at HCL are inspired, they pursue their hobbies and have a zest for life. Work does not drain them, they take challenges in their stride and are go getters.

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