With a keen eye for framing and use of color, Ytje creates drawings in which concept, research and skilful drawing are intertwined. Always challenging herself, she recently developed her new style, the papercut, to complement her pencil work and digital drawings. Her body of work is elegant: it has just the right amount of detail, be it richly layered or stylized and to the point. Her versatility isn't limited to drawing alone; she also writes. letting her own peculiar brand of opinion and observation shine, be it about socio-political subjects, gaming, literature or music. Ytje has worked for notable clients, nationally and internationally. Her art has been exhibited in different parts of the world and her work has appeared in several high-end publications. She loves teaching and coaching students. Ytje is represented by Unit cma, Amsterdam. Selected clients: Esquire, Vrij Nederland, ...,Staat Amsterdam, Red, Atmosphere/BBDO, 160 over 90/ Boston Redevelopment Authority. Strong points: Problem solving, thinking on my feet, improvising, implementing and sharing knowledge, hard worker.


Starting Stipend, awarded in 2004 by the Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam.


Unit Creative Management Agency Amsterdam, Association of Dutch Designers (BNO)

Experience & Education