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  • Ytje Veenstra

    Illustrator | Ytje Illustration & Drawing

    Haarlem, Netherlands

With a keen eye for framing and use of color, Ytje creates drawings in which concept, research and skilful drawing are intertwined. Always challenging herself, she recently developed her new style, the papercut, to complement her pencil work and digital drawings. Her body of work is elegant: it has just the right amount of detail, be it richly layered or stylized and to the point. Her versatility isn't limited to drawing alone; she also writes. letting her own peculiar brand of opinion and observation shine, be it about socio-political subjects, gaming, literature or music. Ytje has worked for notable clients, nationally and internationally. Her art has been exhibited in different parts of the world and her work has appeared in several high-end publications. She loves teaching and coaching students. Ytje is represented by Unit cma, Amsterdam. Selected clients: Esquire, Vrij Nederland, ...,Staat Amsterdam, Red, Atmosphere/BBDO, 160 over 90/ Boston Redevelopment Authority. Strong points: Problem solving, thinking on my feet, improvising, implementing and sharing knowledge, hard worker.

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Work History

2000-current: Ytje.com Activities: Illustration: creating, developing and execution of visual concepts Mentorship/education: Providing internships for middle schoolers, students and graduating students, teaching and sharing knowledge about cultural entrepreneurship, and gving critical feedback regarding visual work Blogging: writing about social and cultural subject matters. 2012: Guest-curator Nieuwe Vide during Haarlem Stripdagen 'Arabic Smile', an exhibition about Middle Eastern politics and artists, curated together with politcal cartoonist Trik. 2010: Visiting lectureship Willem de Kooning academy Rotterdam Netherlands Guest lecture about digital techniques in combination with traditional materials 2010: Curator Nieuwe Vide during Haarlem Stripdagen The subject of Haarlem Stripdagen 2010 was comics from Eastern Europe. I did research on illustration in Eastern Europeand carefully selected work by young talented illustrators. Their work was exhibited in Nieuwe Vide Artspace during the Stripdagen. 2002-2007: ArtEZ academy Zwolle Activities: -Guest lectures foundation course about the practice of being a professional illustrator -Guest lectures to third year and- en graduating students -Workfield Day: participation in an alumni committee. Students received critical feedback on their work. -Participation in a panel with Walter van Lotringen, Yvonne Kroese and Trik: discussion with graduating studens about the role and necessity of illustration in contemporary media -Teaching perspective drawing: drawing lessons for those preparing to attend Artez Institute ___________________________________________________________________________ Group exhibitions: 2012: -Jan en Piet Museum, Haarlem Netherlands -Illustration Biennial, Toneelschuur Haarlem, Netherlands 2011: -Zwaan-Kleef-Aan mural by various artists curated by Moritz Ebinger, Nieuwe Vide Artspace, Haarlem Netherlands -Superhelden, galerie de Meerse, Hoofddorp, Netherlands 2010: -Illustration Biennial, Toneelschuur Haarlem Netherlands -Haarlem Stripdagen: Kampensche School presents Eastern European Illustration, Nieuwe Vide Artspace, Haarlem Netherlands -Noies del Polder, Comics de Holanda, RAS Gallery Barcelona 2007: -Leyp Exhibition Sneaker Addicts, Maassilo Rotterdam Netherlands 2006: -Reading The Drawing: Narrative in contemporary art en comics, galerie Sign Groningen, Netherlands -RaiseUp Vol. 2, A.D.M. Project, Hollywood, Los Angeles, United States -RaiseUp Vol. 2., C. Emerson Fine Arts Gallery, St. Petersburg Florida, United States -RaiseUp Vol. 2., Omy Gallery, Toronto Canada -Blowjob Selectie, Stripdagen Haarlem 2006, Nieuwe Vide Artspace Haarlem, Netherlands -Deconstructing Illustration, Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2006, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam Netherlands -Draw local. Think European, Frankfurter Buchmesse Germany 2005: -RaiseUp Vol.1, Covivant Gallery, Ybor City, Tampa Florida, United States -Basefield, Chapel Gallery, Melbourne Australia -Soundads, 11 restaurant_bar_club, Amsterdam Netherlands -Inclusion in Studio Route 2005 with Atelier Klopper, Made in Arnhem, Arnhem Netherlands 2004: -Curvy, Somawo Gallery Sydney, Austraila 2003: -Character Building, Punct Tilburg, Netherlands 2002: -illuminated sign exhibition "Citylights" Off Corso, Rotterdam Netherlands ___________________________________________________________________________ Solo exhibit: 2011: -Tenue de Nîmes 3 year anniversary, Elandsgracht 60, Amsterdam Netherlands 2006: -Blue Blood Concept Store, P.C. Hooftstraat 142, Amsterdam Netherlands ___________________________________________________________________________ Publications: 2011: -Visual Stories, die Gestalten Verlag Berlin Germany -Council of Haarlem, annual report -International Dictionary of Artists, World Wide Art Books, Santa Barbara, California United States -Journal de Nîmes, European Issue, Tenue de Nîmes, Amsterdam Netherlands 2009: -Faesthetic issue 13, UPSO, United States -Nieuwe Revu, collaboration with political cartoonists Bas van der Schot and Trik, reporting the Obama inauguration, Washington DC 2008: -Illusive 2, Die Gestalten Verlag, Berlin, Germany -Made In Holland; Dutch design issue -Le Cool, weird and wonderful guide to Amsterdam, Lava Studio Amsterdam Netherlands -The Keywords on Visual Arts in Netherlands, IDEAfried Studio, Taiwan -Blaadje 4, Dutch magazine (annual magazine by and for people working in the magazine industry), Totempaal Media 2007: -Semipermanent 07, Design Is Kinky, Australia -De Fish streetart magazine issue 9, Domensino Media Belgium -De Fish streetart magazine issue 10, Domensino Media Belgium 2006: -Draw local. Think European, Illustrator Organisation Germany -Faesthetic issue 6, UPSO United States -Semipermanent 06, Design Is Kinky Australia -RaiseUp Vol.2, Upscene Magazine Florida United States -LeBook London, photography/illustration issue 2005: -The Great Escape, Die Gestalten Verlag Berlin, Germany -Beautiful Decay, issue K, Culver City United States -Curvy 2, Yen magazine Australia 2004: -Curvy, Yean Magazine, Australia -Credits, illustrator issue + calendar -Annual report Fonds BKVB ___________________________________________________________________________ Other activities: 2007-2009: committee BNO (Organisation for Dutch Designers) illustration platform 2007-2009: Organisation Nieuwe Garde Arnhem 2005-2009: feedback given on presented portfolios during BNO events 2011: Member of the board Nieuwe Vide Studio's & Artspace foundation, Haarlem Netherlands 2011: Member committee of Cultural Environment Nieuwe Vide (organizing cultural events with Nieuwe Vide Studios) Haarlem Netherlands


  • ArtEZ Insitute for the Arts

    • Bachelor Illustration
    • 1995 - 2000



Unit Creative Management Agency Amsterdam, Association of Dutch Designers (BNO)


Starting Stipend, awarded in 2004 by the Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam.