blender3d ,xara extreme,gimp,sketchbook pro,moi3d nurbs tool,inkscape freehand drawing.

Work Samples

  • cardesign concepts car styling

  • Car sketching concept cars

  • Vikintador supercar concept

Work History

My name is NikolaI.I'm 38 years old.I'm selftaught futurist artist from Serbia.I'm designer amateur,and 3d modeling(cars,airplanes,etc) for the online 3dstock websites is my job.I like to design both in 2d graphic and 3d.My themes are mostly futuristic(cars).Everything what I learned about design softwares,learned from books,software help and online tuts.And of course many of hours infront of my PC.Never finished school for design,because had no money for the education.Was accepted by Coventry University and Academy of Art, San Francisko 8 years ago.For Automotive design courses.Money problem stopped me.That didn't stopped me to work as professional 1 year as graphic and industrial packaging designer.During that period I learned a lot about design.I still hopping that dream will continue,or go to higher level.The time will show my new achievements.Without creative ideas I would be like an empty shell.Right now I focused myself on 3dmodeling and rendering skills.Also I'm interested in learning sketching and rendering my concept cars with sketchbook pro and graphic tablet in my spare time.My aim is to sketch the ideas,and then model it and render with 3d modeling software.Enjoy my gallery


Self taught