Work Samples

Work History

  • Design Manager

    • FAW-Volkswagen design internship (2 mouth)

    Involved in factory life and culture improvement including workshop logo design, graphic design, instructions and work way sign design. Work on improvement of new worker training system by using CAD model and Keyshot animation. Experi- ence in car manufacturing and learn lessons about automobile design.

  • Feish Design studio product design Internship (2 mouth)

    • Design consultancy

    with IF and Red DOT award, client work includes: Intel, Bosch, Whirlpool, Olympus, Siemens etc. Work in concept design development. Involved in ideation, market research, form development and CAD modeling in solidworks.

    • Micro-Movie advertisement Co (3 mouth)

    Involved in advertisement brainstorming, doing photography work. Being a pho- tographer for a golf match. Software Solidworks Keyshot Skills Photoshop Indesgin Premiere Pro Illustrator After Effect SketchbookPro Digital Sketch 3D Printing Highlight School Sponsored rep rap 3D printer design project (10ppl Team project)

  • Industrial Designer


  • The Ohio state University

    • Bachelor of Science Industrial design