I focus on product design with a strategic perspective. Aiming to deliver consistent, clean & logical solutions to design problems with sensual and iconic aspects. I strongly believe in design contrasts, just like in real life, they make everything more interesting, and gives a strong personality to a product. I hope my works will bring you more pleasure.

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Work History

2011.04 – Present, Auto Styling Designer, XunJie Auto Technology and Engineering Co.,Ltd., Shanghai, China Main projects which i was involved including: * The interior design for Liu Gong excavator 856IV * Micro EV styling for a domestic brand. * New Light Truck form concept on an existing engineering platform * Harvester 4LZ-3, 4LZ-4, 4YZ-4C for Chery * Product Image design for Shan Dong Lin Gong. 2009.05-present, Industrial Designer, R&D dprt. , Nanlong Group Track the marketplace of our compititor, and oversee the design trend in our industry sector closely. Product planing, concept generating; visualize and presentate them to our clients and the general manager of our factory. Develop designs and sketches into 2D & 3D drawings for optimised manufacturing. Support development engineers in production of product tooling. Liaise with Marketing Dprt., Factory Purchasing Dprt. and, Technology Dprt. during development of OEM/ODM housewares projects. Get feedback from sales team and clients, to improve our works. 2008.11-2009.05, Junior Industry Designer, The Ideas Factor (Manai Design) Do design works such as children's electrombile and bicycle etc. Generate new product ideas and visualize them in 2d and 3d format. Communicate with co-workers and clients, in order to get the good result. 2005.09-2006.09, Designer, Gocean (Group) Company Witty Xiaomuga (student teamwork), Award, WestLake Expo 2006 My work is design the character, layout, prop and storyborad Team work ability was stronger devoloped at this time


Industrial Design, Bachelor, XiHua University, China



Witty Xiaomuga (student teamwork), Award, WestLake Expo 2006