BlackCloud - SAPPHIRE Checklist Features

Latest Work: Feature Thumbnail Illustrations for BlackCloud’s SAPPHIRE Checklist:

“SAPPHIRE Checklist allows you to manage a team by assigning a task to a team member & approval to another.“

“Organise tasks into stages when managing a project of any size.”

“BlackCloud’s SAPPHIRE Checklist allows team members to add notes to each task.”

“SAPPHIRE Checklist updates a client about a project’s status based on completed tasks.”

“SAPPHIRE Checklist lets you import existing checklists from a spreadsheet to create a new template.”

“Checklist gives your team a ‘buffer’ zone to prevent having to push back deadlines.”

“SAPPHIRE Checklist identifies delays in a project & the team members responsible.”

“In a single click, Checklist lets you send a friendly reminder to team members to chase up delays.”

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