• Portfolio Questions

    I don't remember my password and the email address I used to sign up is inaccessible. Help!

    You will have to contact us at 1-888-756-8282 (toll free) or send us a message so we can reset your email address to your current email address. Please include what address you used to sign up with and the address you would like to change it to. Your login information then can be sent to you via email.

    I can't log in to my account. What should I do?

    You can have your login information resent to you via email by going here. If that doesn't work then call us at 1-888-756-8282 (toll free) or send us a message and our helpful staff will take care of you.

    How can I change my password?

    Simply login to your account and click on the "Settings" tab. Under the "Account" tab you can change your password or username as well as add links to your personal website or social media pages.

    How do I update my portfolio?

    Easy! Just login to your account then click on "Portfolio". From here you can see a list of all your visible projects, not visible projects, and draft projects. Just select the project you would like to edit from the list on the left or just simply click on the thumbnail. If you want to change other information like your resume or specialties, click on "Settings" and select the "Professional Settings" subcategory.

    How do I know how many people have viewed my portfolio?

    You can find this information by clicking on the "Statistics" tab when logged into your account. Check out all of your stats visually mapped out on sweet graphs (lines and pies!), including individual project views to how many times your portfolio came up in search results. Your statistics time frame can also be changed with the click of a button. Want to see your statistics displayed in hot pink? We have you covered, and you can change the line color with another click of your mouse!

    How can I make my profile private?

    We encourage our members to share their work, but you can change your privacy by logging into your account and click on the "Settings" tab. Then select the "Privacy & Community" subcategory where you can make your entire portfolio public or private. If you want to change the visibility of a particular project, you can control that from within the project's edit page.

    What kind of media can I upload to my portfolio?

    Images: jpg, jpeg, gif, png
    Multimedia: can be added via the embed option

    Each of your images should be kept at around 100k. Images should be saved at 72dpi.

    Images should be saved in RGB color mode not in CMYK. This is very important, your image will not show correctly if it is not saved in RGB mode.

    Images can be uploaded at any size. For display purposes, all images are resized to a max width of 700 pixels. For best results you should upload an image greater than 1400px for the width. If your image is larger than this we will keep the full size image and include a link to this so that a viewer can see it in full detail.

    How do I send someone a link to my online portfolio?

    Your Coroflot portfolio comes with a personal URL that you can send to friends and potential employers as a direct link. The default personal URL is www.coroflot.com/{your_user_name}. Your "User Name" is the name you use to log-in to the site. So, if your User Name is "CoreJr" your personal URL is "www.coroflot.com/CoreJr".

    You can change your Personal URL at any time. In the "Settings" tab, click on the "Professional" subcategory, the first field is labeled "Your Personal URL". This is where you can change your Personal URL.

    My portfolio doesn't appear in searches.

    There are a few items to check here. First, make sure your "Personal Settings" and "Professional Settings" are complete. These settings can be found in the "Settings" tab after logging in.

    Second, you must have at least one publicly visible project. To create a project, click on the "Portfolio" tab.

    Finally, check your privacy settings within your account. If the "Portfolio Privacy" setting is set to private, your portfolio will not show up in search results and this will override any other setting. To have your portfolio appear in search and browse results your "Portfolio Privacy" setting should be set to "Make my profile public."

  • Manage my Information on Coroflot

    How do I delete my data from Coroflot?

    After logging into your account you can delete your account and erase all your data on the settings page. Go to your settings page and click on “Delete Account”.

  • Coroflot Portfolio Application Questions

    What is the Coroflot application?

    Those joining the Coroflot community for the first time will be required to submit an initial application. This will include some basic info about the applicant along with a few samples of his or her highest quality, professional grade work. Once the application has been submitted, our team will review it with a thoroughly developed set of standards. Remember, we expect new applicants to bring their best to the application process, because we know that in the creative professional world, your portfolio is everything. We highly recommend filling out every field with as much detail as possible. Submit your application HERE.

    Who gets accepted to Coroflot?

    Anybody whose work falls under the umbrella of design and is clearly professional in technique, tone, and presentation. For more on what it takes to successfully submit a Coroflot application, check out our blog post: Submit The Perfect Coroflot Application With These 8 Tips.

    I received an email saying my Coroflot application has been rejected. Why is that?

    When reviewing applications, we make a point to keep our standards objective and consistently applied.There are several reasons why your application may have been rejected, none of which have to do with our personal feelings towards your work. Ultimately, when we do reject an application it boils down to there being a lack of evidence to demonstrate the applicant’s capability to create professional grade design work.

    Coroflot was created for designers, by designers, and that is the community we serve. We understand that there is often crossover between art and design and we do keep that in mind. However, we are unable to accept applications that include fine art or photography that has no clear professional design application.

    If my application is rejected, can I reapply?

    Yes! You are welcome to reapply to become a member of Coroflot and we encourage you to do so. You will be eligible to reapply for membership 30 days after receiving a rejection email.

  • Billing and Account Help

    I can't log in to my account, What should I do?

    You can have your login information resent to you via email by going here. If that doesn't work then call us at 1-888-756-8282 (toll free) or send us a message and our helpful staff will take care of you.

    How can I reset my password?

    Simply login to your account then click on the "Settings" tab. On this page you can change your password and the email address associated with the account.

    My account is frozen and won't let me post a new job.

    If you have an overdue invoice then you'll only be able to make purchases using a credit card until the invoice is paid. In addition, if you have an overdue invoice for a job posting package purchase then any unused tokens from that purchase cannot be used until the invoice is paid. You can still post a job, but you'll need to purchase a single job posting and pay by credit card only. The overdue invoice will be listed within the "Purchase History" section of your account. For speedy invoice payment you can call us and pay by credit card over the phone and you will automatically be able to post a new job.

    Can I pay an invoice by credit card?

    Certainly! Simply call us at 1-888-756-8282 (toll free) and we'll be happy to take your information over the phone and process the charge for you.

    Where can I get a receipt or an invoice for my job posting?

    All of your billing information is listed under the "Purchase History" section of your Coroflot account. Here you can conveniently print and keep track of invoices and receipts. When an invoice has been paid, it will be marked as paid within your account "Purchase History" section. Purchases made by credit card are automatically marked as paid and a receipt is kept on file within your account.

    I need a W9 form for Coroflot.

    You can email us or call us at 1-888-756-8282 (toll free) and we will fax or email you a W9 form.

    I am an International client and need to make a wire transfer for payment.

    You can email us or call us at 1-888-756-8282 (toll free) and we will send you our bank details so you can complete a wire transfer.

  • Job Posting Help

    How long does a job posting last on your job board?

    A job posting on Coroflot is active for 90 days. Your posting can be edited or deactivated at anytime before 90 days. If you purchased a job package, tokens last for 1 year from the date of purchase.

    How do I edit my posted job?

    You can conveniently edit your job at anytime through your Coroflot account. Login to your account and click on the active job and click on "edit". Once you have saved your changes, your job will automatically be updated online.

    How do I deactivate my job before the 90 days?

    You can deactivate your job at any time through your Coroflot account. Login to your account and deactivate the job from your active jobs list. Once you have deactivated a job it will be kept for your reference within the Archived Job section of your account.

    What are the character limits for job postings?

    The overall limit for all the fields is 11,000 characters. The main "Job Description" box has a character limit of 10,000 and "Application Details" allows for 1,000 characters. There is ample room to post all of your information, and the text editor will let you know if you go over the limit.

    How do I repost a job I've posted on Coroflot in the past?

    Within your Coroflot account you have a section called "Archived Jobs". This can be found by selecting "All Jobs" from the "Manage Jobs" tab and then selecting "Archived Jobs". The "Archived Jobs" section keeps record of all the jobs you've posted in the past and allows you to conveniently repost them at anytime. Just click on the archived job you'd like to post and then click the repost job button. You can make any necessary changes prior to posting the job.

    How do I pay for my job posting?

    Our preferred method of payment is by credit card. If you would rather pay by invoice please contact us and we can set up your account to allow this option. If you choose to pay by invoice, an invoice will automatically be emailed to you. Payment is due within 30 days. All of your billing information is listed under the "Purchase History" section of your Coroflot account, where you can print and keep track of invoices and receipts.

    Can I post a job anonymously?

    Sure! On the "Employer Details" page in the job posting process, just check off "Confidential" and your employer details will be hidden from job seekers. Your email address for receiving applications will be visible to job seekers, so you will need to list an address that doesn't reference the name of your company, or choose to have job seekers mail or fax applications instead.

    I purchased a job package; how do I know if I still have any job tokens left?

    When you are logged into your account, your token balance is shown on the first page. If you do not have any tokens available, clicking on "Post a Job Now" will give you the option to purchase a single job posting or a job package. You have a full year to use up all of your job tokens if you purchase a job package.

    How do I post the perfect ad?

    Here are some suggestions to help you increase both the quantity and quality of the responses you receive to your job ad:

    Be as descriptive as possible when explaining what the job entails. Give the job seeker an idea of the roles, responsibilities, and duties she or he will have to fill, as well as those who she or he will be interacting with. Be as complete as possible while still making the position sound genuinely exciting.

    List the specific skills required of the position. If applicable, tell what programs or processes your company uses and would would want new hires to know. If possible, let them know what training will be available.

    Give as much information about the company as you can. Let potential candidates know about the company’s past and present notable accomplishments or clients, official policies or missions, standard practices or philosophies, and provide as much contact information as possible.

    If you need a reference, we recommend browsing other job posts for good examples to use as a model. Feel free to also browse through applicable designer portfolios for ideas on the skills you want in your job post.