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The Penthouse

Hi guys,
It's been awhile since our last post.
This is our latest personal project. In this project, we collaborate with Alejandro and Silvia from Sota & co (www.sotomayorandco.com).
The time schedule that we used for this project based on a real project.
We also make efforts to provide a new display that could pack all animations, pano 360° + VR, and still images in 1 menu, making it easier for the client to do the presentation, both offline and online.
Still images in Hi-Res version : http://2gs.co/#!/interior/
Animation : http://2gs.co/#!/animation/
1 Full Set of still images, animation and pano 360°+VR : http://2gs.co/#!/panovr/
(PS : the file is quite big, please be patient to wait until all the still images fully loaded.)

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