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Joker - Flier & logo for an event
Peace Man - Pen and ink cartoon for a newspaper ad urging one to update their image.
Loungin' Armadillo - For a restaurant that served Tex Mex
Dog Bites Bat
Garfield Bulldog Slam - Garfield High school basketball design.
Skull View - an eerie sketch showing a dark side.
Evil Magician - Great start - I really should finish this one. Someday hopefully.
Ravey Girl
El Toro - For El Toro Phone Cards
space ship - stylized bubbly spacey designs
Shindig logo flyer - Logo for an event company
Infinity - Twisted Metal using Bryce
Culture Shock Scene - spacey "Culture Shock" logo
Mountain Ventures Final - logo for a winter travel company
Audio Rebellion - Music event company
Pumpkin Push - Tee shirt and poster design
Mad Cow - Funny tee shirt logo idea
Bare Buns Fun Run - running event
Dragz 02 - Dragon Shirt Design
Dragz 01 - possesion - Dragon illustration
Dragz 03 - Dragon screen print design
Dragz 04 - dragon design enhanced by photoshop
Tristan - Wyrm - comic book called Wyrm's main character.
Tuska - Wyrm - Wyrm Character
Rhodamus - Wyrm - Wyrm Character
Page 01 - Wyrm - Opening page for Wyrm Comic book.
Oz - illustrated flier for a dj event
We R 1 - Flier & Logo for an event
Black Powder Disussion - Painting of a Black Powder Gathering In the Pacific North West. Acrylic paints
Critical Contest
Artwork Sampler
Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Rick Entrop
Artist DJ producer WOODINVILLE, WA